Chris Sky: Convincing, On-Target & Riveting Spokesman on How to Stop the Tyrants in Canada


February 18th, 2022.

Feb 12, 2022
Chis Sky is EXACTLY the sort of man that Canada needs MOST at this time to inspire Canadian citizens (and the world) to get off their knees and STOP COMPLYING with naked tyranny, oppression and Treason from Elite Stand-ins masquerading as “leaders” in service to the New World Order Oligarchs who are Hell bent on the Genocide of 95% of the world’s population and to TOTALLY enslave and micro-manage the lives of those who manage to survive the culling. NONE of these dire projections need unfold if enough people WAKE up, unite as One Voice, and REFUSE to comply with EVERY rule and “mandate” demanded of you — Starting with the mask ‘mandate.’ .
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From Chris Sky:
They have done everything they can to try and suppress me in this battle to restore our rights and freedoms, both in Canada and around the world. I’ve been charged and arrested multiple times in the last year.
My home was raided by dozens of police in the middle of the night without a warrant. My verified Instagram with nearly 250k followers was removed.
My personal website was attacked and taken down.
My phone was mysteriously “disabled” before going live at the largest freedom rally in Calgary. And most recently, they tried to stop our freedom convoy that went from Vancouver across to the East Coast by slapping me with a bogus warrant so that they could arrest me on the day it was to start.
All of these attacks on me have been maneuvers of desperation, and this shows me that the momentum is shifting in a big way.
I’m not going to give up. We’re not going to give up.

There were HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Canadians marching through the streets on Montreal with me in solidarity, to JUST SAY NO.
We need to keep pushing. Harder. Now is the time for us to make it absolutely clear that we do not accept what they are trying to implement.
Let’s win this fight.
-Chris Sky-

2 thoughts on “Chris Sky: Convincing, On-Target & Riveting Spokesman on How to Stop the Tyrants in Canada

  1. There’s really only one way to “ win this fight “
    We all know what that is
    And until that time happens the shit won’t stop
    Telling them No doesn’t change shit
    They don’t stop , they never have , what makes most people think they will when there’s proof otherwise?
    It’s getting tiresome waiting for the right heads to roll

    1. It’s always the way for the riot police to herd all the protesters into a small area and then beat them down.
      They don’t beat all of them down, just the sheep out on the edges.
      Canadians, you are not fighting. Is it because you don’t know how? Imagine all these huge groups of people purposely brought together for these phony f-king protests. Hey what if these people broke into small groups and quit acting like cattle? Commence small group attacks on specific targets, identifying the oppressors with the goal of positioning one or two men to hack at the head of the snake. To win a fight you have to fight.
      That old woman shouldn’t have even been out there, and if these three boys are the f-king leadership, I can tell you right now you’re f-ked. You need to get the older fellas out there, and I don’t mean in the crowd but rather in the field, real men that have no problem hurting someone who is trying to hurt them, their women, their children, and their old people. Stop kegging up, break into small units and start fighting, or continue to scream like a f-king little girl while an old woman is being rode down by the dragoons. You dumb f-ks are doing exactly what they want you to do and what they expect. You better get f-king mean and send these punk f-king children to their rooms, whoever they are working for.
      Small numbers, specific targets, stop coming to them and playing the game by their rules or you can bend over put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. These are violent people you’re being herded into and these so called leaders know that the end result can only be being run down by fagot ass traitors.
      Wonder what was going on at those mercenaries’ houses while they were running that old woman down.
      Stand up, goddamn it and remember a violent fight is not pissing and moaning as a part of the crowd being ground into the streets. You better wake up and get mean or a handful is going to trash the lot of you.

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