Christian groups invested $65 million to Israeli settlements

Middle East Monitor

Evangelical Christian groups have invested up to $65 million in projects in the “Biblical Heartland” over the past decade, however, that doesn’t include services they provide free of charge, such as volunteer laborers, according to a Haaretz investigation, Maan News Agency reports.  

Haaretz news outlet reported that about 1,700 volunteers were sent by Christian Evangelical groups to the illegal Israeli settlement of Har Brakha, south of the northern occupied West Bank district of Nablus.

Sources pointed out that the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs allocated $16,000 annually to one of the evangelical associations for the production of media campaigns for Israel and settlements abroad.

Middle East Monitor

6 thoughts on “Christian groups invested $65 million to Israeli settlements

  1. How pathetic and embarrassing. These stupid sheep bring disgrace upon our Lord. THOU SHALL NOT KILL. I’m assuming that also includes paying for murder as well in the form of taxes? To those who whine about how they have no choice, get this. PRIORITIES. Its all about what is valuable to you. What do you prioritize?
    I prioritize life.

  2. Christian My azs
    With home less people on every corner
    In the USA they take the paper and fund
    The group that put Jesus on the cross
    Am I missing something here
    People here need help
    And what do the Christian do
    The Jew will be the first to put the
    Christian On the cross and most will go

  3. One Christian group even send members to Israel to harvest whatever WITHOUT PAY, because they must “bless” Israel.These folks have no idea about the anti-Christ Noahide Laws and the Talmud/Zohar/Kaballah and what these rabbis have planned for gentiles and especially true believers in Christ. Seems like being accepting no pay for harvesting they are enslaving themselves.

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