Christian Website Says Not To Send Your Daughter To College: She Must ‘Learn To Be A Wife And Mother’

Fix the Family's, Raylan Alleman (YouTube)Raw Story – by David Edwards

A Catholic website this week encouraged its readers not to allow their daughters to go to college because any young woman would be near sin and would “not learn to be a wife and mother.”

In a Sunday article on the Fix the Family website, Raylan Alleman offers “6 Reasons (+2) to NOT Send Your Daughter to College.”  

Alleman expains that young women “will attract the wrong types of men” at college: “those lazy men who are looking for a mother-figure in a wife are very attracted to this responsible, organized, smart woman who has it all together.”

“The bottom line, HE is only supplementing HER income, but he’s supposed to be the provider,” he writes. “What she did that was looked upon to be the ‘responsible thing “just in case”‘ ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy because of the type of man she married.”

But being “near occasion of sin” can cause the daughter, who Alleman just described as a “responsible, organized, smart woman,” to be hypnotized by their own hormones.

“Is a degree worth the loss of your daughter’s purity, dignity, and soul?” he asks. “[A] woman is naturally very observant of a man’s faults as long as she is in a platonic relationship with him. Once she becomes sexually active with him, she releases hormones that mask his faults, and she remains in a dreamy state about him. We can see why God would arrange things in such a way so that when in a proper state of holy matrimony, she would be less sensitive to his faults and thereby less tempted to be critical of him.”

Alleman adds that daughters should “learn to be a wife and mother” instead of pursuing higher education.

“Nothing that is taught in a college curriculum is geared toward domestic homemaking,” he opines. “Stay-at-home mothers are actually very busy industrious women and do absolutely beautiful marvelous things… These abilities cannot be learned in any college.”

Alleman goes on to say that saving for college is also “a near occasion of sin for the parents” because they may be tempted to “avoid having more children with contraception, sterilization, or illicit use of NFP to bear this cost.”

“To assume that all of our children will need a college degree is quite a stretch, particularly for girls who will likely be mothers.”

Watch the following video that Alleman recorded in 2012 to advise parents on protecting their daughters.

4 thoughts on “Christian Website Says Not To Send Your Daughter To College: She Must ‘Learn To Be A Wife And Mother’

  1. I think being a wife and mother comes naturally, and there’s no reason a woman shouldn’t be educated, and find herself a good job if that’s what she wants to do.

    However; once she decides to become a mother, that should be her full-time job because raising children properly requires full-time attention.

    You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either be a mother, or be a “career woman,” but when you try to do both, it’s usually the kid that suffers, as well as the society he’s unleashed upon.

  2. Married with seven children, forty grandchildren (all natural and good marriages) and counting.

    I have two of my grandchildren now in University, both studying to be Physicians Assistants. My thoughts.

    I agree with the attitude that girls should not go to college. Firstly, colleges as nothing but social engineering/Marxist indoctrination centers – as bad as they were when I attended college, so much so are they today.

    I agree that we need “full time” mothers and wives who are 100% dedicated to their families. Communist literature in the past often mentioned that the key to a Marxist takeover is to “get the woman out of the family”. Abortion, homosexuality, contraception, divorce, pornography, drugs; what have we done to our children and our society with our liberal anti-God education and world. God Bless America, I don’t think so, not at all.

    Remembering an old movie called “Marcelleno”(a possibly true legend), portraying a young Spanish boy who is left on the doorstep of a Monastery and raised by the monks. In the end the young boy finds a full size Crucifix in the attic of the monastery, the Corpus (Christ figure on the Crucifix) comes to life and talks to the boy and part of the conversation of “Christ with the young boy who has never seen his mother”. The boys mother had died at child birth, thus the father placed the boy at the monastery door hoping that he would be raised by the monks in a good atmosphere.

    The boy asks Our Lord, “What do mothers do” and Our Lord answers him – They give Marcelino, they give themselves until they can give no more. We need mothers to teach the children to pass on our culture and heritage, to teach love and affection, to give until they can give no more and to help to populate heaven.

    I’m what I consider a hard charging former Vietnam Veteran and I raised my boys to be men and my daughters to be women – it brings a tear to my eye so often when I think of the good mother that God gave me to. May her soul rest in peace.

  3. Judging from the title, the author is obviously under the common misconception that Catholicism is Christianity.

    And just as obvious is the Catholic church is still adhering to the old credo:
    keep ’em barefoot and pregnant.

    They wouldn’t want women to do any critical thinking for themselves. Otherwise they may find out they’ve been duped by the Poop. (and the rest of the Catholic hierarchy as well).


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