9 thoughts on “Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons and Saving The Second Amendment

  1. I’m not a guy that believes in voting or any of that nonsense, but “Chuck Woolery for President” sounds like a write in if voting were mandatory. He just makes sense.

    1. Chuck is a very reasonable person.

      His website is worth a look too – has many fine pieces and some other classic Woolery vids.

    1. The issue of the century is border enforcement. That skanky bitch, Ann Coulter, which, normally I am diametrically opposed to, stated the border enforcement is the main issue and everything else is a moot point if it’s not fixed. This time, I tend to agree. And, BTW, F’ Donald Trump!

  2. Truth Revolt has some excellent vids too.

    Andrew Klavan & Bill Whittle are on spot too – they too are far to reasonable for liberals to understand.

    1. Well Cynicles, I now have the pleasure (not) of attending a gig with a bunch of mindless sheeples. Oh how I look forward (not) to seeing everyone and listening to their daily struggles of keeping the rabbits out of the garden, and, those “damned deer eatin’ my corn.” “My corn”, whatever.
      I’ve pretty much gave up on this highly hypnotized population one must learn to deal with in these days. I’m done insofar as having any delusions about waking any more people up in Bedrock. I stuck the fork in it last night.

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