4 thoughts on “CIA Agent “NEVER watch television”!!

  1. TV sucks programming is for Idiots. News for gullible people who respond to the propaganda coming from all networks.

  2. Thanks for finding this one, #1 NWO Hatr.

    Confirmation of what I’ve been saying for decades… just smash the thing. After a week you won’t even miss it. You’re better off GUESSING at what’s going on in the world than watching the TV news.

    It’s only deception and mind control, and a brick through the screen is the first step toward freedom.

    1. I figured you’d appreciate this one, JR. I came across it just a few hours after reading your article yesterday. Very timely.

      I hate television with a passion. It’s actually as high as # 3 on my sh#t list.

  3. No, No, NO! To shut off the Enemy is like admitting defeat! Just watch what is entertaining to your likes & think the opposite is true for all the things they want you to believe. The game is simple, they’ve been doing the same thing for hundreds of years over & over & over again. You can use it against them, just think a little. Remember the CIA = the Central Bank…Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom & Justice

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