CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

Published on Aug 23, 2017 by Dane Wigington
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Kevin Shipp was a decorated CIA officer who refused to look the other way in regard to government criminality and cover-up. At a very important public awareness event, held by in Northern California, on July 28th, 2017, Mr. Shipp presented a shocking and compelling presentation on numerous, horrific and ongoing government crimes. The total persecution of anyone who dares to tell the truth about rampant government tyranny is also fully exposed. The paradigm we have all known has been built on deception and the dark agendas of the global power structure. The courage Kevin Shipp has shown by doing his best to expose government criminality and tyranny serves as a stellar example to us all.
We desperately need other individuals in government agencies and the US military to follow Kevin’s lead. All of us are essential in the battle to help wake the masses to the truth so that the whistleblowers have the support they need to come forward. If we have any chance of stopping the completely out of control criminal cabal that currently runs our country and much of the world, we must all make our voices heard, we must all join the fight for the greater good.
Dane Wigington


6 thoughts on “CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

  1. No mention of the banking cabal, Israel or the Bill of Rights and to top it off this man was acting like Trump is a threat to the “deep state”/”shadow government”.

    Are you telling me the NSA types don’t have enough dirt on Trump to ruin him?
    Are you telling me there is a good reason for Trump being tight lipped on who/what is blocking him from his campaign goals?

    I didn’t learn a damn thing that I can prove listening to this, I did not hear any solutions in this speech.

    That said it was worth listening to, at least I got to hear what the Alex Jones type flock are subjecting themselves to, my guess is this dude is a plant to keep you from revolting and in the mindset of this federal government being something worth preserving.

    1. Spot on David…..also no mention of US being a corporation…no mention of the Vatican or Serco or Pedophilia …..his solution is to vote and cause a social media storm ….in his defense he did mention the BOR in the beginning of his talk

  2. I love whistle blowers.

    They always cry mammy when the system they help setup and support turns on them.

    On a side note..

    Man …

    These adds are finally showing some hot babes with big breasts.

    Now that makes it worth hanging around here.

    And they have a beautiful smile and perfect teeth too…!

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