CIA and Mossad, Car Bomb in Lebanon, Let’s Get Iran

A car bomb went off in Lebanon on Friday, killing Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan and of course the bombing was blamed on Syria.   The incident apparently has triggered mass protests in Beirut which are being met with riot police.

Now hold on a minute.  The theory here is that the people of Lebanon are angry with their government because they are in league with the Assad regime in Syria which is being blamed for the bomb that killed the general who was a member of the government.  I guess the only thing we are supposed to remember here is that the government is in league with Syria which is in league with Iran, hence any and all death and destruction is Iran’s fault.  You know, kind of like the situation in Turkey.  Syria supposedly fired mortars into a Turkish border town and now Turkey and Syria are firing on one another and it is Iran’s fault.

Either Syrian President Assad is suicidal or there is duplicity afoot.  It is no secret that the US CIA and Israeli Mossad are actively working to destabilize every government in the Middle East that used to be the US’s good buddies.  And Iran is obviously at the bottom of all of it.

Do the international masters of intrigue seriously believe that the American people are buying into this façade?  Or do they just figure that if they can get enough bullets flying in enough places in the Middle East, one day soon  they can say, “Well yeah we are in a world war, haven’t you been watching the news?”

Here on this site we have predicted that this whole production that began with the so called Arab Spring has been for no other cause than to create a scenario wherein the United States, in coalition with our number one best buddy, Israel, is left with no other choice than to invade the entire Middle East and Northern Africa in order to procure order out of the chaos that in reality we have created.

I think the Zionists have realized that they cannot just cram these invasions down our throat piecemeal, one country at a time.  It’s better to make it seem as if the whole thing is out of our control and hence out of their control, leaving the blame for World War III on a quirk of chance.

Best we just step back and let our Zionist controlled government know that we do not care what occurs in other countries.  If they try to draw us into World War III, our first goal will be to remove them from power and see them prosecuted by whatever mean becomes necessary.  Maybe it would be poetic justice if we took them all and gave them swords and forced them to fight each other to the death in one of these football arenas.  And for once in history, let those who perpetrate war, get to feel the effects thereof.

God help us to be diligent and stand firm.

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