The CIA is Conducting a Massive Psy-Op Against Americans

End Times News Report

Published on Sep 1, 2017

Americans are under assault by a massive CIA coordinated psychological operation. This psy-op is reprogramming the minds of the masses to adopt the globalist philosophies of the New World Order.

3 thoughts on “The CIA is Conducting a Massive Psy-Op Against Americans

  1. Against Trump? lol I highly doubt that, they play both sides and your smart enough to know that I’m sure Jake… I don’t see the right as any different then the left (both statist lunatics equally violent in their own way (supporting military and police more so on the right), both picking my pocket and blocking me from doing business) and I’m growing quite tired of this scripted BS, I’ve watched you dance for dollars like a stripper on your live stream, frankly there are very few people I trust hence me saying in my broadcast today for the listeners to question everyone including me…

  2. CIA

    Oh god help here.

    I’m trying to pull a joke.

    Ok I got it now.

    C ocksucking.
    I nbesile
    A ssholes.

    Oh.. and thx for helping kill my brother.
    With all your cheap meth cocaine and black tar.

    1. The PRISM program surveillance granted by FISA court started with The Protect America Act in 2007…(SIGAD US-984XN included) This is what Snowden and Binney were warning about! Now Facebook has a new messenger app that TOTTALLY gives up privacy….camera,microphone, contacts EVERYTHING! That even means being around other people holding smart phones if you don’t have yours puts you in a data base…get it.? 1984 x 100 it has to stop. Your past is recordered and stored FOREVER…muddy footprints ” they” can dig up at any time! EVERYONE in Govt. Is compromised….get it?

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