CIA Says Syrian Rebels Used Chemical Weapons

Before It’s News – by Joseph Zrnchik

Go here and see the truth.  The recent chemical attack that killed Assad’s soldiers had been claimed to be a chemical attack against the rebels by Assad’s forces.  But, evidence collected by international agencies and their investigators now conclude that the chemical attacks were done by rebel forces against the Syrian military. 

It was initially doubted that the chemical attack against Assad’s forces had been the work of the Syrian military as it was the Syrian military that was the target of the attack.   The CIA and the U.S. military has now gathered evidence that proves the chemical attack was the work of U.S. and Saudi supported rebels who have engaged in a serious war crimes.

Pro-war U.S. politicians intially demanded that the US intervene in Syria after reports of the chemical attack.  Yet, these same politicians now deny Syria the right to respond using chemical weapons to defend themselves even after having been the victim of attacks that have killed many Syrian military personnel.

Politicians like McCain and Graham had attempted to use this attack as a casus beli for invading Syria and engaging in another long-term U.S. intervention against the Syrian regime from which they would presonally profit while further destroying the economy and seizing what little is remaining of middle-class Americans’ wealth and liberty.

It is time for the information matrix inside the U.S. to be destroyed.  The biggest threat to the military/police state is the truth.  By discovering the truth and speading ideas Americans’ power against a government that uses propaganda campaigns against its own people will be greatly enhanced.  The truth can become more powerful that the entire U.S. military and all the corrupt war-profiteering politicians in Washington.

Do not fall for government lies.  Do not support their illegal wars. Do not join the U.S. military.  U.S. war criminals must be brought to international justice.

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