Citizens Arrest

Oct 6, 2020
Richard Gallardo performs a Citizens Arrest on the Shasta County Board of Supervisors for violations of the Brown Act. Restricting the public access to the meetings and holding public meetings behind closed doors.

9 thoughts on “Citizens Arrest

  1. My guess, there will be no formal arrests or charges all will be dismissed at some point, all administratively via their Legal Councils one way or another. That said, this is all in their corporate system, they are all guilty of Treason against the people, I could give a fk about any of their own ACTs they are violating.

    If these were actual (non-corporate) Sheriffs, they would physically arrest the council themselves for their treason… instead he gets escorted out by the Sheriffs and then they are placating him with a BS Filing, stating his papers will suffice and there’s no need to go arrest them.

    Theater, at least you can say, they were a tad bit nervous. Now if he had the Sheriffs dept already on his side, they could have surrounded the whole mediocre council, then they’d be pissing in their skirts….

    Ain’t gonna happen we don’t have no “Constitutional Sheriffs”, oh I know there is a group calling themselves that, so, how many criminal politicians have they arrested…? exactly…!

      1. “Citizens” arrest equals subjects arrest.
        A subject does not have the capacity to arrest a sovereign.
        This will go nowhere, though it is refreshing to see someone thinking they have the authority.
        I have arrested someone before and this is not how it is done.
        Can’t wait to see the follow-up.
        All that happened here is the sheriff took a report, which he will not be able to find a DA that will prosecute in the administrative admiralty courts where all of these so called arrestees enjoy complete immunity from prosecution.
        They are all criminals, including those blackwater private agents pretending to be sheriffs.
        Again, I can’t wait.
        By the way, the person I arrested went to jail on the spot.

          1. I was 18. This is when the last of the common law was being removed, and anybody who was arrested had to be arrested by the person filing the complaint, as it is supposed to be. Everybody here had to do their own arresting. It was almost lawful, except for the fact that it was in the works to remove the last lawful aspect for the law to finish removing the last common law jurisdiction and authority.
            Now, as you’ve seen on this video, this guy arrested nobody, and the allegations he made were completely in the jurisdiction of the admiralty and nothing will come of this.

          2. I love hearing about this, Henry, and I can’t help but wonder what the person was arrested for and how it all played out. There have been times in my life when I wanted to arrest someone but just didn’t know how to go about it, thinking if I just go up and say, “You’re under arrest,” I wouldn’t know how the process would continue. I certainly have to study up on this and look forward to the time when it is again a common practice.

            You always have something new to teach and class is never boring.



  2. More proof who’s got who’s back
    How do you arrest a felon with another felon ?
    There’s probably a good referral as to how this was done back in the early 1800’s , right ?

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