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City Tells Man to Stop Sheltering the Homeless from the Cold or They’ll Take His House

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Chicago, IL — In the land of the free, if you try to help someone from freezing to death in subzero temperatures, you can and will be arrested and have your house stolen from you by state agents. A good Samaritan in Chicago is learning the hard way about the police state who is now forcing him tostop helping homeless people—or they will condemn his home and charge him.

When the brutally cold winter struck the Midwest last month, Greg Schiller did an amazing thing. This selfless individual opened up his empty basement to a group of homeless people who may have otherwise died sleeping out on the street. He offered them food, warm beverages, and cots to sleep on. He even provided the entertainment and played movies for them.  

“I would stay up all night with them and give them coffee and stuff and feed them,” he said. What’s more, Schiller had a strict policy that no drugs or alcohol were allowed in his home.

This is Schiller’s second year of inviting the area’s homeless into his home. Last year, however, he let them sleep in his garage and even though it was sealed off from the elements, it was still too cold and EMTs were called to help a man with a heart condition. So, this year, he moved the same operation to the basement where it was nice and cozy.

Everything was going great this year until the state stepped in, however. Schiller was essentially told that even though he owns his home, he does not get a say in who gets to sleep in it.

“While we appreciate those who volunteer to provide additional resources in the community, Mr. Schiller’s house does not comply with codes and regulations that guard against potential dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning, inadequate light and ventilation, and insufficient exits in the event of a fire,” city spokesperson Molly Center said in a statement—as if the homeless population is being forced to stay in this basement.

Once they found out that a good Samaritan would dare challenge their almighty dictate on “sleeping regulations,” the city sent in police with a warrant and told him to shut it down, or else.

“They shut me down and said I have 24 hours to return my basement to storage and take down – I have several cots with sleeping bags for everybody – or they’ll condemn the house,” said Schiller.

One would think that as this story began to get more coverage in the local press that the government would potentially back off due to backlash from the citizens. However, one would be wrong.

When confronted about the situation, Center issued a statement doubling down on Schiller’s 24-hour notice, adding, “If not, the City will take additional enforcement action to compel the removal of the unlawful basement sleeping area.”

Aside from essential theft of property via condemnation, Schiller says he was also threatened with a slew of citations. Citations—that would ultimately be enforced with police force.

“I’m trying to help these people get out of the cold,” he told NBC 5. “There’s not a lot of help for them as far as places to lay their heads.”

Sadly, however, the state would rather see the area’s homeless die—or create a burden on the already over-populated, taxpayer-funded shelters in the area—than allow good Samaritans to help them.

“Elgin has lawful shelters that provide a safe space for people to go throughout the year,” Center said in a statement. “In times of extreme temperature, temporary locations open within the community that all conform to regulations and codes.”

The area shelters, however, only open when the temperature drops below a certain threshold of 15 degrees or less. If they are one degree higher, these folks are out of luck.

“It’s cold enough to freeze to death,” Schiller said.

Sadly, because Schiller knows that if he opens up his home to those in need again, he will be cited and possibly lose his house, he is going to comply with the city order—albeit under duress.

How, exactly, will this inhumane ordinance affect those who were finding shelter at Schiller’s home? Well, according to Schiller, “Somebody’s going to die.”

Free Thought Project

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15 Responses to City Tells Man to Stop Sheltering the Homeless from the Cold or They’ll Take His House

  1. Darzak says:

    Keep this one archived for later. Some bureaucrats will need to have the charges read to them at their trials.

  2. mary in ND says:

    ‘ Last year….he let them sleep in his garage ……it was still too cold and EMTs were called to help ‘………..that is probably how the city found out or some effin neighbor ‘saw something and said something’…..“Elgin has lawful shelters ‘……Elgin is 40 MILES FROM CHITCAGO you arse!…..Where are the churches? ….I have known people who followed the 10% rule …giving that amount from their paycheck every month….a substantial amount….and there is no shelter in those churches for the needy …no outcry from the congregations….no concern for fellow man

    • DL. says:

      No shelter in those churches for the needy? Exactly–churches now follow the Joel Osteen “keep Hurricane Harvey victims out unless they donate thousands of dollars” playbook!

  3. Volthair says:

    Incredible logic by the overlords. Help the homeless ,you will become homeless.

  4. Sunfire says:

    It just goes to show that here in the land of the fee and home of the slave, you truly own nothing. What’s next? Will parents have to meet “codes and regulations” for kids to have slumber parties? How about when friends and family visit and want to spend the night? I think what baffles me more than the lunacy of this incident is how we continue to live under such tyrannical, draconian insanity!

  5. Jolly Roger says:

    If he can’t invite whomever he wants to inside, it’s obviously not his house, is it?

    Look for these house grabs beginning on a wholesale basis. They’re going to need housing for the wetbacks, and where else are they going to get it but from YOU?

    You’re going to have to fight for your home, your country, your freedom, your rights, etc. etc. etc…. the ONE thing is certain is that no one’s going to leave you alone…. they’ll get to all of us sooner or later.

    Join forces with your neighbors for the mutual defense of your homes and properties, before it’s too late.

  6. mary in ND says:

    https://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/mayor/press_room/press_releases/2017/december/ColdWeather.html …. ‘Chicago Department of Public Health Reminds Residents to Take Precautions During Cold Weather’…..do the stinkin commies even read their own crap

  7. NC says:

    Absolutely disgusting. And using regulations as an excuse is bullshit! His place is not a commercial building, it is residential. The corporate commercial codes do not apply. F&!k them!

    • DL. says:

      I agree, but here’s the thing–it is called PROPERTY, not LAND, for a reason! People need to realize (and then do something about) the FACT that LEGALLY, if you “own” PROPERTY, you OWN NOTHING because of PROPERTY TAXES, and, when you allow yourself to be taxed, you allow the govt. to control your “PROPERTY”!

      BUT IF YOU HAVE ALLODIAL TITLE (and only Texas allows that!), the govt. can’t do squat about how you use your LAND!

      PS–why do you think so damned many subdivisions are now PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATIONS? When my husband tried to get ALLODIAL TITLE to our “land” (IN A PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOC.) and couldn’t, we finally figured that one out! (HOAs are even worse!)

  8. mary in ND says:

    not Chicago….Elgin…suburb of Chicago…now perhaps I can track down that Molly Center…spokes’person’ for city of Elgin http://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/01/04/chicago-area-officials-tell-man-he-cant-hold-slumber-parties-for-the-homeless-during-extreme-cold …THEY CALL IT SLUMBER PARTIES!!!!!! ….UFB!

    • mary in ND says:

      Center, Molly Communications Specialist 847-931-5613 …City of Elgin……..good golly miss molly you sure to get a call— Monday

  9. I passed the article about the man offering his home to rough sleepers to my partner.  He suggested that I write to you to explain how he avoided prosecution in a UK court. He pointed out to me that you know about common law so he will keep the details of how he avoided prosecution and punishment short. However if someone in your organisation is willing to act as a conduit between himself and the man he is willing to write much more.
    On being called into court my partner sat down. On being asked and ordered to stand he refused and stated that if he stood they might see that as he a living man giving them jurisdiction. On being asked for his name he kept repeating, “I’m not giving you that.”
    After 5 minutes of threats including a charge of contempt of court, the magistrate’s (judge’s) clerk stated. “Without this man’s name there is nothing you can do”.

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