Civil War To Erupt In American Streets Over 2nd Amendment

Wake Up America – by Susan Duclos

The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, it is a constitutional right that Barack Obama and other gun grabbers would like to take away from Americans.

A scary police state mentality is being seen across the country, using tragedies like Sandy Hook as cause and using children and victims as human shields to justify stripping Americans of their Second Amendment rights.  

In the first video we see the carefully crafted plan to begin the process of disarming Americans and in the second video, there are news clips shown of how police in some states and cities are actually going door-to-door and telling people, we know who you are, we know what you do and we are watching you……… without any crime being committed by the victims of this police state action.

Americans will put up with a lot from the government, but constitutional supporters and those that believe in the SecondAmendment will not stand down and will not be disarmed. The government is setting the stage for another civil war right here onAmerican streets.

8 thoughts on “Civil War To Erupt In American Streets Over 2nd Amendment

  1. I do not see this as a one man thing at all. It is an AGENDA that has been in place for hundreds of years in a slow stealth movement. He is the puppet or the facilitator and there are many willing to take his place. He OBEYS and is rewarded by high end vacations. He is as trapped as we are and the sad thing out there is there are hundreds of him willing to take their turn. They are known as Communists.

  2. “He is as trapped as we are and the sad thing out there is there are hundreds of him willing to take their turn.”
    Susan Barrett, please stop defending this POS imposter. He is NOT “trapped as we are” He is where he is because he WANTS to be there.

    1. I think there is alot of blackmailing going on with Congressional members from NSA(?) perhaps, however, POTUS is definitely there because he wants to be. It’s who he is and what he was groomed for from childhood.

      . . .

      1. I agree and think that priority one spying for the NSA is to keep tabs on the Congress whores and keep them in line, by bribe or by force, whichever is required, to continue the march of the cabalists’ agenda.

  3. I think Susan Duclos is the new name of propagandist Susanne Posel. (who disappeared shortly after everyone realized she was full of shite)

    “…using tragedies like Sandy Hook as cause..”
    The “tragedy” that occurred in Sandy Hook was only tragic for the actors who staged the event, because no one believed it. However, there’s a possibility that many idiots will forget that it was a staged event if it’s constantly referred to as if it actually happened.

    Stay tuned for more BS from “Susan Duclos.” She’s good at pretending to be exposing real news, but what she does is pry the Zionist propaganda into it.

  4. You might be right about the woman I call Susanne POSEUR! ‘Cos that is what she is! Her grammar, as usual, is bad (not as bad as Realman2020 of Lone Star Watchdog, but bad enough).

  5. Sorry. L… O… N…G… before the ignoble ‘Go Redskins’, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ citizenry evolve to have an epiphany, along with the requisite ‘Krell’ mind boost, defending such a noble cause as their 2nd Amendment rights, they will be violently uprising for a more base if not primal reason – the inability to even maintain a level of subsistence existence! No money. No food. No fuel. At which point they will tragically regret, like those described in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s, The Gulag Archipelago, not having defended their 2nd Amendment rights earlier, as it will then be probably too late.

    The only saving grace I see is that their are over 200,000,000 guns in private hands (FBI statistics) presently and it would seem impossible, even for this government with all its technical capability, to confiscate them in meaningful numbers that would be effective in neutralizing armed resistance.

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