2 thoughts on “The Clandestine Relocation of Illegal Migrants

  1. This is obvious treason on the part of TRUMP’S administration, and every other Rothschild-owned leader is working to destroy their own countries too.

    And as the video states: “There is nothing you can peacefully do to stop this”.

    If you’re interested in saving this country, you’re going to have to shake off all the racial tolerance that’s been drummed into your head in preparation for this event, and develop some good old fashioned hatred for Mexicans.

    Be rude to them, don’t help them in any way, express your hatred of them right to their faces, and boycott any business that employs them. Don’t do anything to make them comfortable here.

    Remember: They’re here to “kill all the gringos and take this land back for Mexico”. The very least you can do is return the sentiment, and take this land back for Americans.

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