Clark County Coroner releases autopsy for 6′-1″ body with bad, missing, teeth, Stephen Paddock was 6′-4″ with good teeth

Intellihub – by Shepard Ambellas

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — It is unknown why the Clark County Coroner has released the autopsy report of a random 6′-1″ tall individual with bad teeth after cremating the body, violating court a court order, and then claiming the body is that of the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock when Paddock is clearly 6′-4″ tall and has rather good teeth.

No this is not a joke. This is real and should scare any American who entrusts their government, to tell the truth.  

The bogus autopsy records were released by the coroner on Friday and contradict everything we know about Paddock physically.

Fox News reports:

The autopsy showed Paddock, who was just more than six feet tall, was considered to be slightly overweight at 224 pounds, had high blood pressure and bad teeth. But he appeared to be healthy and nothing out of the ordinary was uncovered in his physical condition, even after experts at Stanford University conducted a microscopic brain examination, according to the documents.

As Intellihub reported on 20 Jan., in the article titled Body autopsied by doctor likely not Steven Paddock’s, official LVMPD report reveals:

Information listed in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s preliminary report on the 1 Oct. massacre, reveals that the body autopsied by Dr. Lisa Gavin may not be Steven Paddock at all.

According to Section VIII of the report titled Suspect Autopsy: “On 10-06-17, at approximately 1625 hours, under CCOCME case 17-10064 and FBI incident number 4-LV-2215061 an autopsy was performed on the body of Paddock at the CCOCME
by Doctor Lisa Gavin.”

However, the report lists the decedent Stephen Paddock as being only “73 inches” tall (6′-1″) despite the fact that it is well known that Paddock was 6′-4″ in height and had a much larger frame than the dead guy pictured in the leaked crime scene photographs.


In 2010, Paddock’s height was listed as 6′-4″ on a Sport Fishing, Trapping, Hunting License registered with the State of Alaska. The information was verified with Paddock’s California driver’s license by a duly authorized fish and game vendor in the State of Alaska.

Additionally, the eye color listed on the official state document says Paddock’s eyes were “BL” (blue), while the autopsy report says the decedent’s eyes are “brown.” Again, the document is based on Paddock’s California driver’s license.

As you can see in the following photograph, Paddock is 6′-4″ tall, not 6′-1″, as the autopsy claims.

paddock tall
A 6′-4″ tall Stephen Paddock (left) (Image: ABC News)

Moreover, the time of death listed in the autopsy report was 12:00 noon on Oct. 2, 2017, which conflicts with what authorities initially reported.

time of death paddock
Clark County Coroner’s Office

Originally, it was reported that Paddock had committed suicide at 11:20 p.m. on the night of Oct. 1, 2017, which is even more alarming after two single shots were heard at 10:16 p.m., following 11 fully-automatic gunfire volleys.

The autopsy report also stated in reference to a bullet exit wound:

Exit: No corresponding exit

This could mean one of two things — either there was a separate exit wound at a different trajectory than the mouth wound or there was no exit at all.

AmericanEveryman does an awesome job at pointing out how the projectile may have never exited the skull of he man autopsied, despite the fact that the alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound was reportedly done with a rather powerful weapon.

Additionally, the report cited “blunt force injuries to extremities.” The upper right calf, left calf, and right knee were mentioned, possible suggesting a struggle.

If that’s not enough, the autopsy describes how the anterior teeth are in poor condition and details that a majority of the maxillary teeth are missing. Were the teeth removed from the body so that it ultimately couldn’t be identified?

Why did the autopsy report not include the gloves pictured on the body in the so-called crime scene photos? Who took the fingerprints and confirmed they were Paddock’s? This person needs to be looked into.

Furthermore, there was casing “visible within some of the radiographs of the head, neck, and chest” which suggests the body may have also had a gunshot wound to the neck and the chest, as many online sleuths have already speculated.

In terms of toxicology, the autopsy states that high levels of Arsinic, Betahydroxybutyric Acid, Mercury, Selenium, Antimony, Lead, Chlorphiniramine, Nordiazepam, Oxazepam, Temazepam were found in the decedent’s blood. The decedent also tested positive for caffeine and Theobromine.

I guess it’s apparent now why the body was cremated.


6 thoughts on “Clark County Coroner releases autopsy for 6′-1″ body with bad, missing, teeth, Stephen Paddock was 6′-4″ with good teeth

  1. Only one in 5 licensed coroner’s in the United States is a credentialed forensic pathologist. Never ever let Mandalay leave our memories…The deception by the media ” they ” control is staggering. It is the number one reason these mass killings continue. Real news investigative reporting by the main stream media disappeared decades ago. Young people don’t know and can’t recognize it. Grazing sheep God help us….

  2. “As soon as he arrived at the morgue he started a fight with the coroner and got a few teeth knocked out, and was pounded down a few inches, too”. — F.I.B.

  3. “This is real and should scare any American who entrusts their government, to tell the truth.”

    No, THIS I expected.

    What scares the hell out of me is the inordinate number of THESE… “… any American who entrusts their government, to tell the truth.”


  4. The same client/friend I mentioned in previous comment flies out to Vegas every month for gambling. He has a good friend out there whose brother is a vendor and was shot at the concert. He said he was about 15 feet away and on the ground.

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