Closer and Closer to the End: More Sickness and More Murder by the State

Gary D. Barnett

After writing about the premeditated murder of those accepting and taking this bioweapon called a Covid ‘vaccine’ two days ago, things continue to deteriorate as the state’s tyrannical agendas move forward at an accelerated pace. People are dying all around this country and the world in large numbers after taking this deadly concoction of infectious material, toxins, and bioweapon poisons. Stories abound telling of nursing home deaths where more are dying than did all last year in just a few days after receiving this pharmaceutical weapon. This is easy for the state perpetrators to cover up because they can adjust the PCR testing to show positives, and simply continue to blame a virus that does not exist for all the deaths.

In addition, the new ‘mutations’ or ‘strains’ that were promised by those committing this fraud, are now being claimed to exist. So long as a new strain can be paraded out as real, more ‘vaccinations’ will be offered, each doing more harm than the last, and each able to achieve more control over the people’s minds and bodies, while killing off the undesirables. It is my opinion that each vaccine stage presented has different ingredients that act and react in concert with each other, all causing great harm in multiple ways while building an operating system meant to be used to control the population through technological means. The effects will range from horrible sickness immediately, to the time release of possible other diseases, to immune system destruction, to RNA/DNA nanoparticle invasion of the brain, and to death. It is also likely as I see it, for bioweapon technology to be used to target certain individuals and groups through these injections. Genocide, or more accurately, democide, will take place as long planned by the eugenist masters controlling this scam from the top.

The children are slated to become the next large group to be injected with this weapon, because that will allow the state more control over all future generations once those of us in the way can be eliminated. Large numbers of parents seem to be on board with this heinous assault on the young, and the horrific public school systems will be used to force more to take this ‘vaccine,’ and to continue getting injected every year the rest of their lives by making it mandatory to attend.

Everything happening has long been designed, and is now being implemented in open sight. This fraudulent ‘vaccine’ that is not a vaccine, is of great importance to the ruling class, and is being used as a weapon to control and to kill Americans. Nothing could be more obvious, as taking over all property, the entire economic system, resetting the whole of the monetary structure, and digitizing the world requires control over the people. This bioweapon called the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ is a major part of this criminal cabal, and will serve as a way to advance and sustain the new Communistic and technocratic state.

The political class, including the president, his executive branch, Congress, and even individual state governors are fencing themselves inside of political compounds called ‘public’ government and capital buildings, all behind high steel fencing laced with razor wire, and guarded by armed military personnel 24 hours a day. This could look no more menacing than any brutal murdering dictator’s compound in history, but they know what they are planning to do to the people, and they know how this plot will eventually be perceived. They are preparing to take over, and are protecting themselves while destroying the country. What are they afraid of, given that they claim to be doing this to save humanity? They are all cowards, and are terribly afraid of the people finally finding and accepting the truth.

They are the worst of mankind!

Sources: Here, here, here, and here.

Note: Many stories I attempted to use for additional sources were being systematically removed as I was researching them. I actually watched video of sources, and then the video was taken down. I could not find any with a search on multiple search engines. This is no accident! The censorship is reaching levels unheard of in the past.

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Gary D. Barnett

8 thoughts on “Closer and Closer to the End: More Sickness and More Murder by the State

  1. If the state was to own everything that we have to rent out then that would be communism, but as everything is going to be owned by a small elite then that’s fascism. I suspect that as Klaus Schwab was born in 1938 in Germany he may be a product of the Nazi program Lebensborn where German maidens were impregnated by good German Aryan stock, often SS soldiers; and as he was in his mid-thirties when he founded the World Economic Forum in 1974, which meets at Davos, I’d say one of his main backers was Nazi stolen gold.

    1. “If the state was to own everything that we have to rent out then that would be communism, but as everything is going to be owned by a small elite then that’s fascism.”

      F-k communism and f-k fascism. What we are experiencing is democracy, a meaningless word that represents the facets of communism and fascism that have been the best destroyers of the notion of freedom and liberty, and at the top there are just the illuminati jews who facilitated both. It isn’t like communism or fascism is anything new to us.
      If we enforce our superior ratified law with an attitude of zero tolerance, both will be destroyed as the people who perpetrate the acts are destroyed.
      It is all f-king socialism anyway, isn’t it? Which is collectivism, which is unlawful under our Bill of Rights which guarantees our individual freedoms and liberties which include our right to own allodial property which nobody can touch using any foreign socialist system. Communists, fascists, f-k let’s kill them all and be free. And hey, we can take back our wealth while we are at it. What do you say?

      1. Yeah. Kill them. The US has the armed population so to start worldwide resistance it would really need to start there. Then criminal UK, French and other politicians will start to sweat. Some will even flee their countries. But I think the US must take the lead in this, not just because they are armed but because if the US falls to the NWO then everywhere falls. The US is like a keystone holding freedom in place. You go, we all go. You save yourselves and the defeatists in our own countries can be persuaded we can save ourselves also. Defeatists are an advantage to the NWO because it’s hard to motivate those who think they’ve already lost, and they may still be the majority.

        We don’t have firearms here in the UK but Sun Tzu said fire is our greatest ally and we have plenty of that. The police and military have firearms and using deception, ambush and fire we can take the firearms they bring us.

        You and I are on the same side. We just disagree over what we call that which we’re up against.

        1. I live in a Republic with an emphasis on the rights of the individual. Those natural rights that guarantee me my freedom and liberty are absolute and apart from any government. They are a system of law that protects me as an individual from any collective that would try to subjugate me.
          I am guaranteed liberty, that means I can do anything I want so long as I am not violating another’s rights. I am an individual free sovereign national on an equal par with the crowned heads of Europe.
          My enemies are anyone who would try to usurp my individual jurisdiction over myself and my right to prosecute my issues through the due process and maximums contained in the law my people ratified in 1791, and it isn’t that f-king constitution.
          Anybody advocating for anything other than absolute individual freedom and liberty is my enemy, no matter what they call themselves.
          Our law didn’t fail, we as individuals just failed to enforce it, which it is our lawful right to do so using deadly force and every terrible implement of the soldier for our 2nd Article right to enforce our other 9 rights, which are the body of our law and cannot be changed in accordance with our 9th Article.
          I don’t know what you believe in, but you people most certainly f-ked up surrendering your firearms.
          And yeah, we are going to have to take the initial action, and yeah, we will, and then we will be coming for our stolen wealth, much of which is in the possession of that nasty old crone sitting on the English throne.
          Our armed population represents the largest army to ever exist on this planet. We are taking our freedom and liberty back and we are taking our wealth back and woe be it to anyone who tries to stand in our way. We invented playing with matches, but it will be ICBMs that will bring this new world order to its knees if anybody f-ks with us once this firenado ignites.
          Americans are not like other people. We would destroy the whole f-king planet before we would live as slaves upon it or subject to anyone’s authority but our own. And we really don’t give a f-k what they call themselves.

          1. The queen is no friend of the British working classes because of our dreadful class system which we’ve had to endure since 1066, and the City of London has taken just about all the working classes ever had, so by the time you get over here the Square Mile should hopefully be levelled. The living conditions of the British Victorians is what the new overlords want to return us to, so we won’t be defending that socio-economic model. Same as the US I’d say, for those of us who survive the Great Reset genocide.

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