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Clown World Blues – Notre Dame Cathedral (1345 – 2019)

Published on Apr 15, 2019

Sad honk honk…

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  1. galen says:

    I was expecting this vid to go in a whole different direction, but it did not; it went right where I needed it to. Thanks, Digby.

    There were a lot of reasons that today was a rough day, and all of them were singed (pun accidental) by the burning of Notre Dame. It brought such a deep sadness. I mean, beyond any religiosity, this is a grand cultural monument of the west and of great and mysterious architecture. Built in 1163. Likely mostly irreplaceable.

    Is this a catholic karma? Some are already crying false flag. How could I know. I just know that strong hands from the past formed natural materials into a visual splendor. I doubt they knew what corruption existed and would be wielded by the drivers of that church for centuries to come. Certainly some of the builders were laborers in need of work. But maybe some had spiritual intentions in mind, an honoring of a creator and a message of love. So very weird how good and evil can live side-by-side.

    Ten Thousand Sad Faces


  2. galen says:


    “As the cathedral of Notre Dame burned in Paris, the prayer room at al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem also burst into flames.”:



  3. DL. says:

    My first thoughts were that Macron would blame the Yellow Vests for this (likely) false flag. But it most likely will be Muslims being blamed, considering in the middle ages Muslims did attack mostly southeast Europe (esp. Albania, Bulgaria, the former Yugoslav countries all the way to Vienna), and, what with the Noahide attempt to destroy Christianity by those wonderful Talmudics, if this was indeed a false flag, I’d say the Chabaders and Company did it in another attempt to turn Christian against Muslim and further destroy western civilization…meanwhile, as China puts in a port in Talmudland (aka Israel), the Chabaders are also attempting to put their foothold into China, India, and the rest of Asia. What with China’s growing influence in “the dark continent,” is Africa next? “Black Hebrew Israelites,” “Rastafarians” and all that. Note: Rastafarianism comes from worship of Haile Sellassi, former Ethiopian emperor and his real name is Ras Tafari.

  4. galen says:

    The architecture of Communism…

    Ha! Don’t worry. China has a replica. Just a glimpse at what China does with the resources it steals from its people:



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