Cluster Bombs and Scud Missiles – Is Assad Guilty of War Crimes?

In the relentless attempt to get the United States in yet another foreign war, the propagandists reported Wednesday that Syrian President Assad’s military fired scud missiles at insurgent rebels.  And, as if using the word “scud” was not bad enough, it was revealed that the evil monster Assad actually, in violation of international law, used incendiary bombs.  You know, that nasty phosphorous that gets on a person and burns right through their body parts and into the ground.  Anyone who would use such a devise on a civilian populous should be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Oh wait, wait, wait.  I did, I mean I didn’t mean that.  If the US actually enforced such a standard, they would have to arrest Benjamin Netanyahu and prosecute him and his subordinates who followed his orders.  Because for many years Benny has been dropping phosphorous cluster bombs on the innocent Palestinian men, women, and children who live on the Gaza Strip, where they are actually penned up to make it easier for the Israelis to bomb them and there is nowhere to run.

Isn’t it about time for the CIA and Mossad to lob a canister of sarin gas via an artillery shell into one of those little Syrian towns?  The fact is we are way behind on this war.  We have been wasting the Zionists’ time, bitching and whining about our abject poverty and refusing to just hand over our food money to finance another war, and Lord knows we don’t want the Israelis upset with us.

I mean if we are not careful they might just take all of their counterfeit money and go home.  Oy, oh my God, what would we do then?  I guess if nothing else we could just go back to being free and prosperous, but what fun would that be?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “Cluster Bombs and Scud Missiles – Is Assad Guilty of War Crimes?

  1. I was thinking about the NWO aims which are for them to have ALL POWER and ALL WEALTH.

    The supreme Court has given the NWO its first aim which is ALL POWER. The fact that the NWO Israeli AIPAC, NWO BANKS, MONSANTO, MILITARY INDUSTRIAL, BIG INSURANCE can make unlimited donations to candidates has handed over governance to corporations. Rule by corporations is fascism. There is no longer any pretense of justice for the people, no bankers have been jailed, NDAA etc are in place and the prison population is growing with the vulnerable and hard pressed.

    All world Governments are now run by the NWO, the Brits, the French, the Germans, the Italian, the Greeks, the US, the Russians, the Chinese all do the NWO bidding. Only Syria and Iran plus a few inconsequential places are not under their power and that is only a matter of a short time. So the NWO already have ALL POWER.

    The other NWO goal is ALL WEALTH. They are already well progressed on this front as all debt is owed to them and it is backed by your assets, debt saturation has been exceeded and we are in the quantitative printing holding period.

    We are now in the penultimate phase for the NWO where they bomb the hell out of Assad and Iran will be next then it is over.

    The wealth grab aspect of the penultimate phase is to force deliberate AUSTERITY and high taxes worldwide to strategically demoralize and economically kill humanity in order to soften up any real resistance to their end game where they will collapse all paper wealth and confiscate all asset wealth. They already own the supreme court so regardless of the injustice of stealing real assets for pieces of junk occult printed paper this as the highest court in the land will rule in their favor.

    The sheeple are confused the now do not know what to do or what to think, economic deprivation through taxes, low paying part time jobs, being encouraged into excessive personal debt in the hope of a good tomorrow is just getting us all ready for the slaughter.

    Sad times when their plan is so obvious.

  2. The idea of any country supplying or backing gangs in America that want to overthrow the government would have the government beating the drums of war, yet the CIA and Israeli Mossad do just that all over the world. The degree of hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me.

  3. the foto is not a scud,
    it’s a katuscha (probably spelt wrong),
    or some other MLRS system.

    scuds are huge, one rocket fits on a TATRA 8×8 AWD truck.

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