CNN Arizona Debate – Ron Paul Stands Alone

During the CNN Arizona GOP Debate last night, Ron Paul soared like an eagle above a sty wherein the neo-con war pigs, Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney, squealed and rolled around in the feces inundated mud, they call their records.  All but Dr. Paul stated several times that actions they had taken as public officials were mistakes and that they are now running for president of our United States on a platform of correcting their past errors.

I think the conversation made it apparent that Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney bend with the wind, or better yet with the weight of money.  And I believe that should any one of them be elected president a war with Iran, that the Russians and Chinese have threatened to intervene in, will be an absolute.  I assure you, this is the only thing these pathological liars said that was not campaign rhetoric.

Again, excluding Dr. Paul, there were times when the whole nasty affair became an argument over who would hurt the poor more.  Santorum actually said he will cut food stamps if elected.  This, while citizens of this country who were a part of our middle class as little as three years ago, are watching their children go hungry while living in storm drains.

Santorum suggested working for food stamps.  Is this not the embodiment of social communism as the food stamp recipient will be forced by the government to perform labor for private corporations for enough food to starve to death on?  I guess this would be perfect for the neo-con elite as they would not only get us as slaves, but the government would supply the fodder to feed us while they work us to death.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that has vowed that those who have been so grievously injured by the theft and fraud committed against us by the corporate elite, of whom the other candidates have their lips firmly planted on the backsides of, will not be harmed any further and that it is the corporate welfare that will be attacked.  And remember, corporate welfare is counted as welfare and that is why the amounts are so high.

The people getting food stamps are not the problem.  It is the elite getting their private jets subsidized that is the outrage.

Ron Paul also says he will stop the giving of our safety net over to the illegals, and in reality these foreign nationals are siphoning off 30%.  Coupled with the fact that the corporations are stealing 95 cents of every safety net dollar through the grant contract scam put into place by Willy Clinton and Newt Gingrich, we can reduce entitlement spending without hurting the poor.

Newt Gingrich was once again boasting that he was born from Ronald Regan’s backside.  Listen up Newt, the American people of the American race are going to decide this election and we had no more use for the gun running, drug dealing, king pin Ronald Regan than we do for the gun running, drug dealing, king pin Barack Obama.

To Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney let it be clear.  We the people are saying “No” to the status quo and “Yes” to the Ron Paul Revolution and the restitution of our Republic under our Constitution.

Every one of you treasonous dirt bags out there, both neo-con Nazi and soviet social communist alike, get ready to feel the heavy hand of justice upon your shoulders as you are shoved onto the deportation barges.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. They will not only starve us to work us to death,but starve us with genetically altered food which is so bereft of essential nutrients that it will starve us while we get fat.Check out Monsanto,the great producers of agent orange,who steal the patents on real food while they feed us their poison at inflated profit.Take a look at who controls these murderers.I don’t need to write a book here,we just need to start reading some that are already factually written.Ever heard of the world health organization?Check ’em out.They’ve done as much for health as the naacp has done for blacks,as much as the adl has done for jews and as much as the dept. of education has done for education.All of these criminal organizations have much in common.For starters they steal your wealth to divide you one from another so you’re more easily conquered and ruled.And for the several volumes that could be written in between they are all run by Rothschild controlled zionists.And the next time I hear how we need to stand up for our great ally,Israel,which in reality is the fiefdom of the Rothschilds,who in reality treat jews like shit and use them for an excuse to start w.w.3,who funded the nazis and the holocaust and fund it world wide today……This is why I could never be an author.I want to tell everything in one paragraph.This is the strength of the Rothschilds.They have great patience.You can afford that when you miss an opportunity to enslave the world,but you still own its governments and money supply.That being said,don’t pretend to tell me that all I can say is Ron Paul 2012.

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