CNN continues its campaign against college football

5 thoughts on “CNN continues its campaign against college football

  1. Think trump was right. This is the calm before the storm. It’s cloudy all over the world. CNN/MSN bitches will bitch causing more bitching by TV observers. And question their own gender! Leading Marxism in our world.

  2. And good ol’ Aggie land (Texas A&M) led the way…but guess what, Commie Nauseating Network, they even did it as UT Austin! T-sip land! And I can just hear students all over the country shouting “F*** CNN!”

    1. And another thing…I didn’t hear any of you slaves to satanism complaining about crowds at Coachella or Burning Man…. because the slaves to satan in the music industry and the Wicker Man crowd (which is the movie Burning Man is based on) are never wrong, right? To call you thugs hypocrites is waaaaaayyyyy too nice…. And is Fauci your god now?

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