CNN Host Kamau Bell Leads Antifa Mob in Violent Anti-Prayer Protest

james hoft

Published on Aug 31, 2017

CNN Host Kamau Bell led the violent Antifa terrorist mob in California last weekend. The far left CNN host was guest speaker in front of mob that went on to beat the hell out of a prayer group. This is CNN.

2 thoughts on “CNN Host Kamau Bell Leads Antifa Mob in Violent Anti-Prayer Protest

  1. Where were all the brown people when their gov killed Gaddafi and turned Libya into a hellhole? I don’t know, but the same people like us he’d call Nazis and brown people haters were doing our best to call out against the murder.
    Where are all the brown people calling for an end to the ongoing support of radical Muslims that kill hundreds of thousands of brown people in Syria?
    I don’t know, but people like us, who they call racists and haters have lost a lot of sleep over this inhumanity and have denounced it.

    So in other words, this racist, thinking only through the dredged up, near extinct remnants of slavery’s hell, is a hypocrite. Does he call out Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood for quietly culling the black population, no.

    That’s why the people here such as Henry and now David have been quite consistent in calling BS on this whole hyped up Hegelian dialectic.
    Don’t buy the hate. Educate your brothers and sisters to the facts, don’t hate them.

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