CNN: Inside Liberia’s Ebola crisis – The most incredibly fake acting job ever

Sent to us by Misty who said, “CNN has yanked the video from their website, lol. African crisis actors?”

Published on Oct 7, 2014

No audio because this was recorded at a Starbucks. Of particular interest is the scam nature of this video, which is most clearly shown at the end where a kid, supposedly dying of “Ebola” obviously falls down in the most incredibly fake acting job ever. Though there is no audio, the scam nature of this video is perfectly preserved.

7 thoughts on “CNN: Inside Liberia’s Ebola crisis – The most incredibly fake acting job ever

  1. What do you expect from CNN. Every news story they show is debunked with raw footage showing how staged it is. They couldn’t even show a true report if they tried.

  2. Appears the little fellow at the end of the vid. has had a very hard day of remembering his lines, and just fell down for a bit of a nap.

  3. Nearly as Homer Simpson-worthy as the BBC on-air reporter describing the collapse of the Solomon Brothers building (WTC 7) on 9/11/01 a mere 26 minutes before it actually was “pulled”. Kinda embarassing when it’s still standing in the background, mates. Oooopsie . . .

    Are you gonna believe the corporate press or your own lying eyes, you tinfoil hat-wearing loons? Ah-hahahahahaha!!!! 😉

  4. I would have rather played the naked man with his ass in the face of the other “victim”. For him I would hope naked man washed that brownie.

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