CNN medical guest on unvaccinated Americans

5 thoughts on “CNN medical guest on unvaccinated Americans

  1. Every time a coconut… errr jew!

    Classic jewish dehumanization exactly as they did in the mass slaughterings of millions innocent people leading into communist takeovers in bolshevik Russia, Mao’s China, Cambodia, more recently South Africa & every other communist hellhole they kicked off. This is no different to any of those except for the tool being used to deliver it. The ONLY way to deal with this is to stop the commies DEAD in their tracks!!! The time to start is NOW!!!

    1. Agreed.
      But let’s take it a little further…

      Piss on their ALL their Fat Asses.
      (quoting from Tw@tter:
      “If you want to start a civil war, that’s a good way to start the ball rolling.”)

      1. The enemy will do anything to make this matter anything other than the simple thing it is. All we have to do is enforce the Bill of Rights, which means removing the unlawful corporation and it’s every policy and then prosecuting the guilty in our common law courts. We the people hold the only lawful jurisdictional authority in the united states of america.

  2. Wow. A Goo (the g is soft) Hat Trick.
    A Goo, from a Goo University (they all are) in the Goo State of Goo York.

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