CNN Rings in the New Year with Terror Propaganda

On New Year’s Day, I was sitting at a restaurant eating dinner with my wife and like most restaurants these days, they have this uncanny ability to be able to know how to ruin a customer’s appetite by simply putting up televisions at different areas of the restaurant and forcing you to watch one of three stations and those are CNN, FOX News or ESPN.

Why do they do this? Well, because they feel that by turning a television on, it will give them a homier, dining experience. What they fail to understand is that the reason why most people go out to eat is to have something other than a “homier, dining experience”. They want to get away from it all and enjoy a night out with their friends, family or loved one. But on the contrary, We the People are forced to watch what’s on TV and instead of enjoying our $20 meal at a fancy restaurant, we are either ready to throw it up or toss it at the TV. Great experience! And don’t forget the tip!  

Last summer, when I was on vacation with my family, we decided to go to McDonalds for a quick lunch and I noticed that they had CNN News on (like they always do) and since the District Manager happened to be visiting that day, I took it upon myself to ask her why other customers and I were forced to watch this crap on TV, as it ruins our dining experience. She tells me that the corporate office, through hours of marketing and research, have come to the conclusion that customers want to see the news when they come in to eat and that’s why they have it on all the time. (They must have looked at one of those infamous, mainstream media polls)

I just laughed and said, “Well they ought to fire the people at the corporate office because that’s the last thing we want to see when eating”. So she offered to change the channel, but then said the only stations really appropriate for everyone to enjoy were news stations or sports stations (aka Communist propaganda) or that she could just turn it off. In addition to that, there was a sign that said, “Please do not turn off or change the channel” underneath the television, basically implying that if you don’t get permission from the staff at the Fascist food chain, you have consented to it or involuntarily have to watch it.

So like a scene straight out of George Orwell’s book “1984”, we are all being indoctrinated into watching the mainstream media news while we eat at restaurants. It’s completely disgusting.

Getting back to my story, I was at a restaurant on New Year’s Day, having dinner with my wife and I was forced to watch CNN News while I ate. Now what made this worse than my McDonald’s experience was the fact that it was a holiday and the first day of the year. So instead of showing people celebrating the New Years, they decide to ring in the New Year with their “War is Peace” propaganda.

I’m probably betting that the heads at CNN were asking themselves, “What can we do to keep terror in the minds of the people? Hmm…..let’s see…..Ah!! I got it! Let’s talk about the Oklahoma City Bombing and Timothy McVeigh! ”.

Yes, nothing says, “Happy New Year” than to rehash a documentary on a government sponsored terrorist incident that happened almost 20 DAMN YEARS AGO!!!!

Hey CNN, would it kill you to put on something happier like asking people what they did for New Years or what their resolutions will be or even showing some holiday special? Something a little more, oh I don’t know, PLEASANT!

The Oklahoma City Bombing? Really? You guys claim to be one of the top news stations in the world and that’s the best that you can do?

I mean come on, put it to rest already! Why the hell are you talking about something that’s so old, it makes 9/11 seem new?

Why don’t you talk about Pearl Harbor while you’re at it? Or WWII or even George Washington crossing the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War?

(Whoops! Can’t show that one, since George Washington would encourage revolutionary ideas of freedom and independence, rather than fear and dependence on the government.)

Yes, the Oklahoma City Bombing happened nearly 20 YEARS AGO and these idiots on CNN think it is more news worthy than families celebrating a new year and who probably hope that it will be more peaceful than the previous years of constant war propaganda. But no, they have to keep that war machine going with the same old nauseating crap.

So how do they do that? By showing countless images of the Oklahoma City building on fire and in smoke, while showing footage after footage of police officers running to the scene, while the horrifying faces of innocent civilians are shown screaming in fear and terror. In addition to that, we are forced to observe pictures and photos of Timothy McVeigh’s mug shot to remind us all that he was so unimaginably evil and  insane and that we must continue to live in fear or more psychotic, government sponsored terrorists like McVeigh will come and get us.

Furthermore, they replayed interview after interview of “inside sources” (what a joke) telling their story of how it happened that “frightening” day. All while trying to enjoy your chicken dinner at a restaurant.

It seems that no matter where you go these days, you are forced to watch and listen to the mainstream media news, as though that is the only thing in the world that We the People want to see and hear every single moment of every single day. There’s no escaping it anymore. You’d have to live out in the country to truly get away from it all. It makes me sick.

Finally, don’t get me started with Sundays, as I know that if the government ever had their way with the churches they would force them to place a TV in each pew, so that between singing hymns we would all be forced to watch the NFL Pre-Game Football show in the morning. God help us all!

America has truly become an Orwellian nightmare, as we can’t go anywhere without being forced to watch and listen to Big Brother propaganda. Instead of ringing in the New Year with cries of joy and happiness, we are forced to accept that nothing has changed and that fear and suffering continue to be the norm.


11 thoughts on “CNN Rings in the New Year with Terror Propaganda

  1. Who can afford to eat out? Have you seen the prices lately?
    I could probably eat at home for a few days on the money spent at some of those places , and what me and my wife fix is a hell of a lot better.

    1. If people do not wish to have TVs on while they eat tell the manager they will find another restaurant that is more congenial and TVs are left to the sports bars. Money talks Duck Dynasty as a perfect example. Nothing was done till the people stood up and said they would keep their money and not tune in or patronize Crackerbarrel.

  2. I’m with you, NC. I don’t eat out often — only when I’m just so exhausted and busy that I need a break from cooking. So yeah, on those days I want a “break” and that break does not include TV. It includes conversation and people watching, and the type of people watching I like best is seeing people conversing with one another, not with their eyes glued to their cellphones or the TV or laptop. For some reason, it does not bother me to see a solitary person (dining alone) reading an actual book, though.

    Thankfully there are several dining out options close by where I live that do not have televisions. I only go to those places. If I had limited options, I would either talk to the manager or probably just stay home.

    I remember the good old days of being in a strange city, going to the local bar, which did not have a TV, and that meant that us strangers at the bar would be conversing with one another and the bartender, not feeling like we were interrupting their TV or cellphone watching. I miss that.

  3. I once endured a game of “Family Feud” played entirely in Spanish to eat good Mexican food, but CNN & McDonald’s would have been too much for me to bear. It would be a mistake to call them “food” or “news”, but if he’s eating at McDonald’s, he’s an idiot anyway.

    1. Like I said JR, I try not to eat at McDonalds. Sometimes it just happens. lol

      My point is not how good the food is but the fact that we have to endure watching mainstream media trash at restaurants while eating or while we are just working out or browsing around.

  4. At least at my local Mexican restaurant they put on the Latino channel.
    Those babes are hot! Who cares if you can’t understand them?!
    (…meant tongue-in-cheek….my TV hasn’t been plugged in to the signal for 5 years.)
    …hopefully throughout this destruction of our country we can keep SOME humor…
    People today can’t tell the difference between reality and movie scripts anymore.
    I’ve wasted all the breath I’m going to use trying to wake people up to see what’s coming. If they ask, I point them to verifiable stories to make them think. They usually aren’t ready to hear what the latest is so I direct them to want to know dot com.
    If they come back asking for more, I give them a list of sites I use daily.
    Most don’t.

    1. Pretty much the same with me too Scott. I hang out with only like minded people now days the last year or so. Ya can only do so much and/or waste your time on sheeples and fools all to time I found out. And like most I found out the hard way.

  5. Just so you guys know, I do my best never to eat at McDonalds (horsemeat) unless it’s a quick, eat and go thing (maybe twice a year at most) and going to restaurants like the one I did the other day was because it was the holiday and I wanted to do something special with my wife. A once in a blue moon thing. But when I do, it just irritates me to no end and many other restaurants are much cheaper and affordable, yet they still have their damn TVs on with their news programs. It just pisses me off. Big Brother everywhere.

  6. This person is complaining about whats on tv at a mcdonalds? Id like to smack the retard.
    Your at a mcdonalds.Go fu#k yourself. scumbag.

    1. Thanks, Nottoobitter for your colorfully, worded comment. Once again, you are missing the point of my article.

      Who the HELL gives a flying F**K about McDonalds!!! It could have been John’s local burger joint, for all I care.

      The point is that we are being forced to watch and listen to this shit everywhere we go and there is no escaping it and it just pisses me off!

    2. And by the way, for your information, on New Years Day, I wasn’t at McDonalds but at a somewhat, fancier restaurant for a one time, holiday dinner (out of the few that I have these days). McDonald’s was just another incident that happened last summer which was used to try and support my argument. Sorry to inconvenience you.

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