CNN’s Piers Morgan Calls for Immediate Handgun Ban as Gun Control Shills Seek to Exploit Mass Shooting Tradegy

The Intel Hub – by Alex Thomas

Just minutes after the news broke that a shooter in his 20′s had opened fire at an elementary school in Connecticut, noted gun control advocate and CNN primetime host Piers Morgan began tweeting calls for stricter gun control.

As most of the country set glued to their TV or computer screen watching the horror unfold on TV, Morgan began posting a series of tweets that, among other things, implied the need for an across the board handgun ban.

This is America’s Dunblane. We banned handguns in Britain after that appalling tragedy. What will the U.S. do? Inaction not an option.— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) December 14, 2012

The fact that the host of a CNN primetime show would openly call for the outright destruction of one of America’s most prized freedoms just goes to show how deep the bankster globalist take over goes.

Not wanting to stop after calling for what would amount to the end of the Second Amendment, Morgan, showing his complete disdain for everything American, then published a series of tweets that challenged Obama and others to EXPLOIT this tragedy to implement gun control.

Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan  – White House spokesman Jay Carney’s right – today’s not the day to debate gun control. YESTERDAY was the day to debate it.

Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan – Don’t just mourn these poor dead children America – get angry and do something to stop these senseless shootings happening.

Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan  – Any moment now, a gun nut will tweet me saying ‘If all the kids in that school had been armed, the shooters would have been stopped…’ (a clear-cut fallacy as no one would claim the kids need to be armed, rather the adults in the school should have been armed)

Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan  -Last 2yrs: movie theatres, shopping malls, temples, a congresswoman, now an elementary school – when will America deal with its gun madness?

Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan – Another day, another horrific shooting – this time at an elementary school in Connecticut. America’s gun culture has to change.

Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan -This is now President Obama’s biggest test – will he have the courage to stand up to the American gun lobby?

Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan  -No more weasly words of ‘comfort’ Mr President. This is the latest, and worst, gun outrage on your watch. Time to act. #GunControl

As you can see, Morgan has absolutely no problem exploiting this horrible tragedy for his own political agenda which just so happens to include disarming the American people, a move that WILL, in turn, lead to many deaths as well as the possibility that our government could easily attack the people with little to no consequences.

The fact that there has been so many shootings in the last two years just as calls for gun control are gaining ground is simply too perfect to be a coincidence.

The gun control lobby and their globalist backers could very easily be using MK Ultra type mind control on the numerous “lone gunman” who have committed horrific acts of murder which are then used to call for the banning of firearms for law-abiding citizens.

The gun control that Piers Morgan and the rest of the out of control gun control lobby want would literally take guns out of  YOUR hands and put them into the hands of criminals throughout the country. The fact of the matter is that criminals do not purchase guns legally and the vast majority of murders are NOT carried about by citizens who have guns registered in their own name.

While some of the past mass shooting lone gunman, including the Connecticut shooter, may have obtained their weapons legally, this doesn’t change the fact that law-abiding citizens have a god given right to legally purchase and have firearms that can’t be taken away or limited due to the actions of a very small minority.

It is also important to note that one of the main reasons we have a 2nd Amendment is because the BRITISH didn’t allow private gun ownership and, after fighting for and obtaining our freedom from the hands of the corrupt British Monarchy, our founding fathers KNEW it was very important that the public had the right to bare arms in the case that they were ever needed to fight back against an out of control government.

That’s right, we now have what many believe to be a British agent with a primetime show in America that has gone on the offensive against the US Constitution and the 2nd amendment in particular.

Although many Americans already consider CNN to be nothing more than a propaganda outlet, these tweets and startling call for a handgun ban by one of their primetime hosts directly shows that they are anything but unbiased in their pro-government, pro liberal coverage.

2 thoughts on “CNN’s Piers Morgan Calls for Immediate Handgun Ban as Gun Control Shills Seek to Exploit Mass Shooting Tradegy

  1. Of course that’s what they’re going to say. The shooting was orchestrated for the sole purpose of giving them the chance to say it.

    Is there anyone screaming for gun controls who ISN’T a Zionist?

    I think that what’s important is to expose the Zionist control of our government, media, and economy, and people may start to see the light when they recognize that the same gang controls all three.

    And of course, the genocidal history of “gun control”.

  2. Piers needs to take a LONG walk off the end of a SHORT pier – preferably with full body armor on, and pockets as full of lead weights as possible.

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