Coastal Bend rabbi recently appointed to state commission to conduct anti-Semitism study

Jan 7, 2022Rabbi Ilan Emanuel of Congregation Beth Israel here in Corpus Christi will work with the commisiion for a three year term.

2 thoughts on “Coastal Bend rabbi recently appointed to state commission to conduct anti-Semitism study

  1. Jews are going to conduct the study on anti-semitism .
    Jews create a genocidal kill shot and determine the safety.
    Jews criminalize any critical analysis of the “ Holocaust” in many countries and profit worldwide.
    Move along – nothing to see here.

  2. All anyone need to do is study and research with an open mind, and you will come to understand the extend of the sickness that people who identify as Jew or Zionist possess, it is in their own writings and statements…

    As Henry always clarifies, I did not start out hating Jews or Zio’s et al, they taught us to hate them by their actions, words and demonstrative agendas and participation at every level of corruption, propaganda and make no bones about being better than the goy and desiring to wage hegemonic domination of the planet and everyone/thing on it!

    I have had coworkers, friends that were Israeli Jews, they showed me how dastardly they are, now I imagine there are people of Jewish decent; that are aware of their own peoples madness, and love freedom; we’ll let you know when they appear and don’t want something from you!

    Reading this, I must appear as some white, neo-nazi supremacist, proud boy, racist…. I guess, my Chinese ex-wife/daughter and current wife (Jap/Filipino) are just victims to my master race along with my Nigerian best friend/man at both weddings …. ha ha lol…!

    Whoever desires dominance and submission from us as American nationals are the enemies of our freedoms…..regardless your beliefs….

    Love, Aloha and DTTNWO eternal….!

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