Cold-blooded murderer in Thailand dances after shooting his victims

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CHON BURI – A man shot and killed his girlfriend and her mother on Thursday at a car modification shop in Muang district, just 20 days before they were due to be married on Aug 28.

The victim, identified as Kewelin Hongthong, 28, and her mother Wimol Hongthong, 48, were both shot three times by Tasaphol Haekla, 35, and died instantly at the scene, police said.  

Pol Maj Gen Katcha Thatsart, commander of Chon Buri police station led a team to inspect the murder scene at the PS Modify Chon Buri garage.

Kalayanat Namsuwan, a close friend of Ms Kewelin and witness to the crime, said her friend had called her and asked her to come to the garage because she feared for her safety after having an argument with Mr Tasaphol. Ms Kalayanat said that her friend knew Mr Tasaphol could be bad-tempered and carried a gun.

Ms Kalayanat joined Ms Wimol and the couple at the garage. The group had been talking for around 10 minutes when Mr Tasaphol took out a gun and fired three times at Kewelin. The mother tried to escape but was also shot three times.

Ms Kalayanat said Mr Tasaphol showed no remorse before fleeing the scene, saying that “anyone is invited to be witness” to the crime.

The police obtained security camera footage showing Mr Tasaphol gun down both women, then dance his way out of the scene. He then briefly went back and said something else before walking out again.

Pol Maj Gen Katcha said the killer had behaved outrageously. He said police want to catch Mr Tasaphol as soon as possible, and will respond appropriately if Mr Tasaphol attempts to resist arrest.


2 thoughts on “Cold-blooded murderer in Thailand dances after shooting his victims

  1. I wouldn’t pull the trigger, but if someone shot my ex-girlfriend and her mother I might do a little dancing too.

    With a story like this, you need a little relationship history before you can pass judgement. Those two may have been inflicting psychological torture on the guy for years. Women sometimes win these cases in court by claiming years of “psychological abuse” when they kill off their hubbie, but when the tables are turned gender-wise it’s always a brutal, and cold-blooded act, as if men are expected to be immune to such things. A mother-daughter bitching tag-team can be just as abusive as any man.

    Back in the sixties they burned their bras in the street, so now they’re free. They’ve liberated themselves, and demanded equality, but when they get a little taste of equality they always run back to their femininity for cover.

    For anyone who’s still confused on the issue, women and men are not “equal”. They should be treated equally under the law, but that’s not the case either.

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