Colo. sheriffs challenge new gun control laws

CBS News – by Barry Petersen

DENVER, Colo. – The nation’s newest, and toughest gun control laws have led to new contradictions.

At the Firing Line gun shop in Aurora, magazines holding more than 15 rounds were packed away.

But manager Richard Taylor says mandating smaller clips won’t make a difference.  

“You’re shooting. Bang, bang, bang, boom, change. Going to take somebody competent two seconds to change a magazine,” said Richard Taylor.

State Representative Rhonda Fields helped write the new law. Her son was gunned down in 2005 to keep him from testifying at a murder trial.

In truth, one can drive to the next state and buy as many ammunition clips as they want.

But Fields hopes this law will still have an effect.

“I believe that the citizens in Colorado want to comply with the law. All laws are on the books and people can choose to either be in compliant with them, or they can choose to violate them,” said Fields.

“My whole issue with this law is that it can’t be enforced,” said El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa.

Maketa is one of 55 of the state’s 64 sheriffs who have filed a federal suit demanding that the law be overturned.

They say police have no way of telling whether a magazine was bought before or after the law took effect, and it’s not feasible for deputies to know when people sell guns privately without a background check.

Maketa says he will not tell any of them not to enforce the law.

“Am I going to put a deputy in every store to see if a transaction takes place? Absolutely not,” said Maketa.

Thousands gathered this weekend at an event called a “Farewell to Arms” to pick up high-capacity clips before the law took effect.

But if the sheriffs win in court, that could mean a farewell to one of the nation’s newest, and toughest gun control laws.

4 thoughts on “Colo. sheriffs challenge new gun control laws

  1. As a CO resident I can say that all the stores have taken hi cap mags off the shelf. Other than that, if you want a magazine or a gun from a private person then the transfers are still going to take place. There is NO WAY to stop us. The universal background checks are more of and unofficial GUN REGISTRY!!! Since a lot of the stores have switched to online paperwork the information you give them is going dirrectly to the CBI and its “not going to be stored” for anything (like the new data center in Utah)

    I hope these sheriffs win the case for us, but seeing the corruption that is taking place at the highest levels of out government, I don’t think it will happen.

    To all other states, stock up, get prepared, we don’t know what will happen next.

    Happy birthday America!

  2. “State Representative Rhonda Fields (whose son was murdered) helped write the new law”…
    Emotions make bad laws, especially if they’re written by emotional women.
    Your tragedy should not interfere with our rights of self defense.
    Maybe this is why our founder didn’t want women voting.

    1. The same sentence caught my eye, Dave, and it made me wonder:

      How many of our “representatives” were chosen and had their campaigns funded because a loved one was shot, and can be counted upon to always vote for more gun controls?

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