Colonel Ralph Peters unloads on Muslim Brotherhood, Obama Administration

Published on Aug 14, 2013 by LSUDVM

Colonel Ralph Peters was on earlier with Martha McCallum and gave his analysis of the situation in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama Administration’s foreign policy.

One thought on “Colonel Ralph Peters unloads on Muslim Brotherhood, Obama Administration

  1. I would like to express my admire to colonel Ralph Peters after listening to his analysis regarding the situation is Egypt. It was honest, real,clear and precise. This shows a person who sees things clearly as they happen on the ground and understands how to represent it.
    We are against Terrorism like all Americans, we can not overlook such Terrorist Actions and accept them. The MB burned churches, Governmental buildings, police station. private properties, destroyed parkes and greenery, killed innocents and were acting” either we (MB) or no Egypt at all. And this is not Islam. Islam gives you the freedom of believe Freedom to live in peace and let others do. No differentiation between moslems and christians we have beed living together as neighbors, friends and even relatives and there was never a problem. Extreme thinking result extreme behavior. Its the right of the egyptian nation to choose a peaceful life and to decide what is the best for them.
    Thank you again and it was amazing to hear an honest, wise voice like yours.

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