Colorado Apartment’s Gun Ban Thrown Out

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The question of what is reasonable under HOA regulations seems to have been answered, at least in the case of The Douglas County Housing Partnership and their reversal of a policy that was set to be imposed by Ross Management Group.

An emergency meeting of the housing authority was called in the wake of the outcry following a new notice to Oakwood Apartments in Castle Rock, Colorado which stipulated that owners would no longer be permitted to have guns in their residence as of October 1, 2013. (Source).  

The notice enraged tenants like retired Marine, Art Dorch, who originally contacted 9News to report the memo given to his community of seniors. Despite the initial statement by the management group that they would not respond to the press, it appears that The Douglas County Housing Partnership is doing it for them.

As 9News notes:

The Douglas County Housing partnership owns Oakwood Apartments in Castle Rock. It was purchased with federal funds and is supported by local, state, and federal tax dollars. (Source)

The restriction being suggested by the management group is in direct conflict with the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as well as the long-standing individual rights of Colorado residents — a matter addressed in the Douglas County Housing Partnership’s statement. Beyond that, no mention of a restriction on gun ownership was ever cited in original lease agreements.

“These community policy changes were distributed without the knowledge or authorization of the Board of Directors of the Douglas County Housing Partnership or its staff,” a Douglas County Housing Partnership release said. “This board does not support any action that infringes on an individual’s rights and will not allow Ross Management to implement these changes. The mission of the Douglas County Housing partnership is to preserve and develop safe, secure, quality housing while providing housing choices for those who have few.”

The Partnership should be commended for taking quick action against the attempts by the Ross Management Group to subvert the Constitution and individual liberty.

The Ross Management Group is still refusing to comment to the press, according to 9News, but it looks like a wider investigation by the Denver Housing Authority into additional possible de facto gun bans on other properties could very well draw them out from behind closed doors.

15 thoughts on “Colorado Apartment’s Gun Ban Thrown Out

  1. Quote:“These community policy changes were distributed without the knowledge or authorization of the Board of Directors of the Douglas County Housing Partnership or its staff,”
    Now what’s left, is to find the responsible person/persons & to sack them on the spot without any references!

    The tenants have to request this & follow it to the end!

  2. Due diligence said I should check and sure enough, lol…

    Ross-Weseloh, Deborah
    80215 The Ross Management Group/Real Esta
    $1,000 12/30/2009 COLORADO DEMOCRATIC PARTY – Democrat

    80215 Ross Management/Property Management
    $500 10/02/2012 PERLMUTTER FOR CONGRESS – Democrat


    and I also found out that she is a member of this global spiritual group who plan to changes the world through solid actions in their home regions. Check out these links and read the catchy phrases they use in their study groups… it a little scary! and sounds like a Agenda 21 group but from a New Age Spiritual angle.

    Awakened World 2012
    (Deborah Weseloh

    Now, that you have read the whole thing you can see why her company tried to ban firearms on the property her company manages.

    Definitely a test run

  3. Well, of course it was awesome being right smack dab in the middle of a aspen, spruce forest with no cops, stop lights, or Walmarts for a 100 miles… hahaha!!!

    The bitch was I blew my engine in my truck pulling the grades in Flagstaff. Good thing I have done a bunch of free work for my in-laws and they have a bunch more to do on another house, because they bailed me out and paid for the new engine. $5,000 later, and we only had a few bucks left and didn’t get to do much work on the hidey-hole. Just little stuff that didn’t cost much. I put in a few new windows that we had already pre-ordered. So, it was a more relaxing playing summer then a working summer. Still beats being in Yuma during the heatwave of 120 (I heard).

    The whole time I was gone I didn’t send any emails, or post anything to the Internet, or use my cellphone (it’s in someone else’s name anyway), for OpSec reasons, and I was using Tor to help hide my location. I did read all of you alls comments on articles the whole time. Believe me, it was hard not to reply to all of you guys. I almost broke radio silence many time… had to grit my teeth, and walk away. hahaha

    Anyway, it’s great to be back home and back to From The Trenches. My Family!

    oh, and bye the way…. Everyone should check your nut, bolts, mounts, batteries, bi-pod, etc. regularly after driving that far. I pulled out one of my AR’s and embarrassed myself in front of a bunch of mountain locals I know, for a little lead down range fun, and first off, my EO Tech battery is dead, the M-bus flip-up site aren’t zeroed in, my bi-pod forward grip comes apart and the guts of it fall in the dirt, then the sling mount come unhooked, by that time I was so pissed off I just through it back into the case and grabbed my other plain jane one and emptied a 30 round clip in about 30 seconds by bumping it with my thumb in my belt loop in hopes of saving face and not looking like a total dumb ass. Lesson learned… 700 miles of freeway loosens up everything! If I had been counting on that rifle to protect my family I would be a dead man! Oh, and the EO Tech batteries don’t last even close to what they say they do (the 123 size batt).

    1. Sounds like that AR taught ya something there Smilardog 🙂 , and a good lesson to know. Good to have Ya back again Smilardog. 🙂

      1. Thanks Digger! It’s good to be back.

        This weekend, I am going to clean and lube all of my toys and tighten everything up with a little extra twist. I wonder if maybe putting a little drop of Loctite on the treads would be ok?

        1. I do not think that I would use Loctite on those threads as you may have to do some maintenence on that AR in the future. Yes Smilardog, what happened to that AR is good to know and apply to all other tools and toys. I probobly would never have even thought of that happening. Yep that is a good heads up on those threads loosening up when on a long road trip

  4. Wow. I was so excited to see Smilardog back, I totally forgot to comment on the article itself.


    1. Glad to see that you gathered yourself back together there #1… hahaha!

      Check this link out… Steve Quayle on Prophesy In The News… If you ever wondered what he looked like… his first tv appearance in 12 years

          1. I guess that I was so excited to see myself back also, that I forgot to post the link.. haha

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