Colorado Mind Control Subject, James Homes, is Arraigned – Updated with video

The arraignment for the mind control subject, James Holmes, the shooter in the false flag incident at Aurora, Colorado, as televised through the propaganda machine, shows exactly what was expected.  Holmes was clearly heavily drugged and was incapable of speech.  Like Timothy McVeigh and Jared Lee Laughner we will never hear him speak past a few mumblings from his drug induced walking coma.

This is beyond blatant and anyone who cannot see it for what it is, is blind, deaf, and dumb beyond repair.  This poor pathetic creature will eventually be put down like the animal his CIA programming has turned him into.

The fact of the intense media coverage and access to the courtroom shows that the propaganda is to be delivered in a different fashion this time around.  The Tucson, Arizona false flag of eighteen months ago was a complete failure as it was blatantly obvious that Jared Lee Laughner was being closely handled in the effort to conceal the signs of his brainwashing.

This time around we will get to see the subject at every opportunity, but only in the form of the drug induced zombie he has become and will remain right up until they stick the needle in his arm to administer the lethal injection.

We must call this incident out for the false flag it is and refuse to allow the propagandists to gain any kind of foothold in their push to justify disarming we the people.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

12 thoughts on “Colorado Mind Control Subject, James Homes, is Arraigned – Updated with video

  1. You’re absolutely right, Henry. It couldn’t be more obvious.
    Now, I’m hearing talk about him being deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial.

  2. A picture tells a thousand tales.

    What does it take for the Christian Zionists to wake up from a similar trance.

    There are times like these when all hope seems lost. Guarantee that if you show this photograph to a thousand friends they will all say he is guilty and even with the facts shrug it off.

    The truth once it happens can never be extinguished, the enquirer though has to cross his or her confined circle of comfort.

    Look at how many victims families of 911 or the Lockerbie bombing still believe the official propaganda.

  3. The sheeple are so entranced that they cannot wake up. The shock would have to be consciousness lifting of a great magnitude. Honestly do you think that this guy is going to wake up anytime soon.

    Think the zionist perpetrators do not know this?

    There is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale at a special half price offer this July only on ebay.

  4. On Yahoo comments, when someone asked how Holmes could afford so much money and get all of that gear, they all said, “STUDENT LOANS” BAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAAA!!! OMG! The intelligence of our country is so F***ED!! It’s unbelievable. Yea, because people get that much money in student loans to purchases things all at once. (Look out everyone. No one can go to school now because if you take out school loans, you were be considered a terrorist now. WTF is wrong with our country?)

    In regards to Holmes, I can only imagine how this guy looks and acts exactly like the Sirhan Sirhan, the RFK patsy who had no idea what the hell he had done. Also telling the police that his apartment is booby trapped and quietly turning himself in just proves my point. History repeats itself.

  5. “Eerie Coincidence: Colorado University Had Identical Drill On Same Day As ‘Batman’ Massacre……A Colorado university just 16 miles away from the site of Friday morning’s deadly ‘Batman’ massacre staged an identical exercise the very same day in which students were trained how to react to a gunman firing at people in a movie theater.” (Paul Joseph Watson)

    Still believe Holmes wasn’t paid or brainwashed to do what he did?

  6. Shocking news story: Read below and click on the link. Absolute False Flag incident!!!

    “I just found out that the judge in this case has sealed the case because disclosure of the facts would be “contrary to public interests” and that the request to do that was made on Friday just hours after the event.

    The motion, filed in Arapahoe County court, asks for the records in the case to be sealed, including search warrants, affidavits, orders and the “case file.”

    The District Attorney’s affidavit says prosecutors are investigating first-degree murder charges against Holmes, but that disclosure of the court records would be “contrary to public interest” and “could jeopardize the ongoing investigation.” The Daily”

  7. Paul, a Yahoo commenter Says:

    “A pickup truck carrying 23 people veered off a Texas highway and crashed late Sunday, killing 14 and injuring 9 others.

    Looks like we need vehicle control laws also?”

    I say: 14 people killed? That’s more than the 12 people killed from the Colorado shooting. OMG! It’s a MASSACRE!!! Where is the MSM and Obama???

  8. I wonder how many drones were circling the day of the shootings? Be Interesting to find that out.

  9. why would a person who graduated with honors, with a brilliant future ahead of him kills others and with this action destroys his life in the process?! this shows he is manipulated.he is a victim of mind control and the dark forces trying to destroy the world are behind it.

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