Colorado to deploy roadside sensors to tap directly into your car’s onboard computer

Published on Apr 10, 2018

New Colorado State Department of Transportation roadside sensor network will keep in constant communication with all newer model cars’ onboard computers in order to spy on when drivers use their windshield wipers, brake, crash, and more.

7 thoughts on “Colorado to deploy roadside sensors to tap directly into your car’s onboard computer

  1. Just when you thought it was safe to drive stoned in Colorado.

    Now they can check your car computer to see if it’s stoned.

    I can hear the first court case now.

    Yeah judge….I was stoned…

    But I didn’t turn the stereo on 11 and play AC/DC highway to hell and rear end that dump truck.

    I think that new car censor highway program has a few bugs left to work out.

    Plus Alexa was screaming laughing in my ear buds..


    Hang on bitchez…!!!

  2. I think it would be more efficient if the state and federal governments just assigned every citizen a personal escort whenever that citizen was not actually sitting on the toilet or riding a lawn mower, since a two seater mower would use too much gas for too little return. The average yard is well within reach of a government-issued PDW (personal defense weapon) otherwise known as an AR-15 assault weapon when owned by formerly law abiding citizens. It would also eliminate unemployment. And by entering the citizen’s every movement into a journal or log, handwriting quality, spelling and vocabulary would be greatly enhanced and everyone would be much safer with their privacy so zealously guarded. Having a witness that one did not in fact engage in some illegal activity at another location would be a real boon to civl liberties as well. Hell, half of us could just forget being responsible for ourselves as we’d have a BFF with a badge and a gun around at all times to make sure we towed the party line….I mean, kept us safe despite ourselves.

  3. Colorado can GFY!

    Now what? Do I have to wrap my truck with a Faraday cage to stop the spying? These monster never stop and they always cloak their totalitarianism in Saaaafeeeety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What amazes me is, the sheeple buy into it every single time.

  4. My truck was built in 1986, and I’m keeping it as long as I can find parts for it.

    Eventually we’ll all be forced into newer cars that can and will be used against us in a court of law, and that’s why Obama was offering “cash for clunkers” when he was in office. When the price of scrap goes up a lot of older parts get crushed, too.

    If you continue to drive, you’ll eventually be forced into a rolling spying device, but I’m sure there’s a way to disable these features if you have a little know-how.

  5. They make it sound like this is something new. They’ve been crashing cars and steering them into the water with little kids on board. They’ve been killing police and state police who are against the ‘agenda’ by remote controlling their vehicles with them in it, into telephone poles, trees, water, and remote controlling vehicles to plow into crowds of people, to kill them, for decades now. Then they blame it on the ‘driver’.
    Think again. You could be next driver who is targeted.

    They are totalling vehicles in car accidents for no reason. Why? So you’ll have to buy a later model with spying and vehicle remote control items built into them. Beware. Rebuild your old vehicles if you have the know-how.

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