Colorado town threatens a year in jail for residents who refuse to wear masks

New York Post – by Amanda Wood

The city of Englewood, Colorado, just south of Denver, is requiring all of its residents to wear face masks amid a spike in coronavirus cases — and violators could face up to a year behind bars, coupled with a hefty fine.

The emergency order, issued by City Manager J. Shawn Lewis and approved by the city council Monday, went into effect Thursday. It states that everyone over the age of 6 will be required to wear a mask while outside their homes.

Face masks must be worn inside any retail or commercial business, governmental office, or health care facility, including veterinary offices, officials say.

They must also be worn while waiting for or riding on public transportation, as well as inside taxis or other ride-sharing vehicles.

Face masks are not required inside personal offices as long as co-workers are working at least six feet away and there are no clients or customers in the room.

First offenders will be ticketed with a $15 fine, and second and subsequent offenders will have to shell out $25.

However, the order states that the maximum penalty is a fine of up to $2,650, 360 days behind bars or both.

“Any person charged with an offense under this Emergency Order may choose to enter a plea of not guilty and be entitled to a trial as authorized by the law,” the order states.

Colorado has reported 35,116 coronavirus cases and 1,704 deaths, the latest data shows.

Denver County, with 7,563 confirmed cases, has the highest infection rate in the state.

4 thoughts on “Colorado town threatens a year in jail for residents who refuse to wear masks

  1. The governor of michigan has made an extensive order its against the law to not wear a mask only a $500 fine and the business can lose its license if they dont stop you !
    f!@kin communist cucks

  2. These may be the first to go to the “FEMA Camps” (you know, those places that are not supposed to exist…). Got to store them somewhere.
    “Ah, the smell of future road
    (work) gangs on the horizon. ”

    It’s a 2-for – Get rid of Dissenters and make Money at the same time!
    (Que O’ Jays): For the Love of Money

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