Colt Moves Its AR-15 Plant To Texas Over Gun Control Laws

Mr. Conservative – by John Hawkins

Magpul left Colorado over new gun control laws and Beretta followed suit when Maryland went down the same anti-2nd Amendment path.

Now Colt Competition, which makes AR-15 style rifles, is leaving Connecticut. It’s heading to Texas, which is one of America’s most business-friendly and gun-friendly states.  

So far, no one knows for sure if Governor Rick Perry personally recruited Colt Competition, but he has been reaching out to other gun companies. For example, he sent this tweet to Magpul.

Rick Perry tweet

Last month Dennis Veilleux, president and chief executive officer of Colt’s Manufacturing Company, warned Connecticut that it might have to move if the state passed anti-gun legislation.

“This will have consequences for dozens of Connecticut companies and thousands of workers. …(Colt is)constantly approached by other states to relocate. Someday soon, I will again be asked why we fight to keep well-paying manufacturing jobs in Connecticut. I will be asked why we should continue to manufacture in a state where the governor would make ownership of our product a felony. Unlike in the past, there will be few good answers.”

The liberals in charge of that state didn’t listen and as a result, Connecticut is going to lose thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenue. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving state.

6 thoughts on “Colt Moves Its AR-15 Plant To Texas Over Gun Control Laws

  1. So the politicians of NY,CT, and CO, sold out the public and stomped on the constitution for what?. A buy out from Bloomberg perhaps?. If they were bought out, how does this help the people who are now out of work because of the relocation and higher taxes which are sure to come?. Is this the common sense they were speaking of?.

  2. Welcome to The Lone Star State.

    We Love our Colts, All Gun Manf. and Ammo Comp. should move to ANY Gun Friendly State. VOTE with your feet….

    P.S. Why sell Guns or Ammo to any Gun Grabber State?

  3. Nazi Bush family is from CT, now lives in TX. Perry is baby Bush’s little bitch. Oklahoma is just as bad now that Coburn is “negotiating” with Bolshevik Jew Schumer for national gun registry. Coburn, you god damn pussy, our rights are non-negotiable. Why give in since you are not running for re-election? Are you getting some kickback?

  4. The politicians and police that have enabled anti-constitution 2nd amendment killer legislation should be held criminally liable as accessories before the fact for enabling citizens to be a victim pool when the supreme law of the land clearly states otherwise. Let them take responsibility for their actions in a real tangible way. If anyone disarmed by these oath renegers gets criminally hurt in any way THEY should be brought up on criminal charges.

    1. I full well agree with you, legal eagle but would take it one step further. If they vote for any bill that is contrary to or usurps the constitutionally delegated authority, criminal charges should be brought at that point. They are not authorized nor empowered to vote on anything they damn well please.

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