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Comcast just increased my bill 30.00 a month. I am on fixed income. Does anyone have any idea how save on t.v. and internet?

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    1. Pig fly Tech box Kodi pre-loaded for those that are tech light. You’ll still have to figure out how to get repos now that Dish got TvAddons shut down.

    1. have looked at that Katie, However they up charge for internet if you drop t.v. I dont watch t.v. much. when I do it’s to see what the enemy is doing. Wive likes hgtv which i tell her to turn off when they have queers on. Other than that i have no use for t.v.

  1. That’s how we do it here. Package deal, land line and internet together.

    No television connection. Have tv only to watch movies on.

          1. Oh yeah, now old westerns are great. We get ours from the thrift store for .50. Can’t beat the content most of the time or the price.

  2. I cancelled my cable tv and kept my internet service.
    Purchased a magicjack device for voice over ip phone service connected to my computer.
    Plus put up rabbit ears/antenna for free hd.

    That was in Vegas.

    Here now off grid I just live on my smartphone for internet and phone.

    I don’t watch tv anymore anyway.

    I’ll just watch movies on my laptop.

    It just depends on what your willing to do without.

  3. I cancelled cable over three years ago. I have an indoor antenna and Roku. My only monthly payment is Sling TV with the added movie pkg, less than 27.00. I pay for Amazon Prime once a year, 99+tax. Roku offers a lot of free content.

  4. All one needs is internet. Through phone ( hotspot) to computer or just buy internet through an ISP.

      1. No Tv paul, I’m with Digitalpath, but the broadband companies are localized, I’m near Reno.
        Try using the link to find a local carrier. There’s a good bit of bandwidth, so use YouTube and take the TV out to the shooting range…

  5. I just use public wifi at coffee shops or where ever I can. As far as TV goes, I don’t own one, I try to spend most of my time out of the house.

  6. For me I used the old aluminum antenna up in the attic. The antenna has been in the attic for 20 plus years. I get at least 20 or more channels. For internet I use ATT and no phone or television service and that runs about 65.00 give or take a month. I have had this set up now for several years with no issues. We are not big television watchers. If I want to know something about how to do something I look it up on the internet. We do have cell phones which I use for calling or texting and he uses his for almost everything. I cannot get that much into a phone to tell the truth. I also use the camera on the phone. I only have 1 gig on my phone and hooked it to the house internet for those rare times I do use it for something other that calls or texting when home.

  7. Thank you Trenchers for all your feedback. I truly appreciate you all. What a wonderful family to be a part of.

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