Come with me to tour a SpaceX Starlink ground station

Jun 4, 2021
A Dishy fan asked me to talk more about SpaceX Starlink ground stations, so I decided, why not go to one!
I live closest to this gateway station in Prosser, WA. There are 9 antennas at this gateway station. To receive internet from the satellite constellation, SpaceX is setting up Starlink Gateway ground stations.
Ground stations are the linking factor between the satellites in space and the internet data centers on Earth that connect to existing fiber-optic infrastructure which connects to the world wide web.
The company plans to build hundreds of these Starlink Gateway stations. In the future the satellites will be equipped with lasers which will enable the satellites to beam data to one another without the need for ground stations.
Here is a link to the gateway station map:

5 thoughts on “Come with me to tour a SpaceX Starlink ground station

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