5 thoughts on “Comedian DESTROYS Pro-War MSM Commentator on Live TV

  1. I watched this earlier today. That female host immediately shot down that comedian when he completely laid the facts out. Well, I completely disagree with what you said. Something to this effect. She is a zionist party line toter.

  2. I watched this earlier too, but I could not forward it on because the comedian only accused/placed blame on the US and our C.I.A. I kept waiting for him to name Israel thinking surely that’s about to come since the narrator really played this clip up big-time, asking us to behold an “epic take-down of a warmonger.” I looked into who this narrator might be but he only names himself as “Brian.” See:


    Maybe someone else knows who he is. Anyway, I’m at least glad the comedian Dave Smith (had never heard of him) mentioned the Yemen atrocity and how it’s being ignored. But both guys, narrator and comedian fell short. It was really disappointing. Oh yeah, I forgot, that’s television.


  3. Syria, well Assad, is toast. No Rothschild central bank equates “nice talking to ya”.

    Three dominoes left” Syria, N Korea and Iran.

    Complete, absolute utter control over near all of the planet is not enough for those demonic bastards. Once they control the entire planet they will refine who is allowed to live, to further their benefit. Sheer evil.

  4. I hate comedians.

    First off ,, I find them offensive.

    Making funs and puns over the tragic events for a punchline and paychecks.

    I mean…how can these people have a conscience.

    Pranking people like this…

    They’re almost as bad as lawyers.

    They just don’t charge you 400 bucks an hour for a bad joke.

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