Commiebook Boss Gets Protected With Armed Guards – While throwing Bill of Rights Down The Toilet

Zuckerberg demands he gets treated like some kind of potentate while he treats your privacy like yesterday’s cat litter. Want to know what’s wrong with America today?  Just watch the circus act commieberg is going to demonstrate to us at these joke hearings in Washington this week. Americans privacy being treated like it’s nonexistent when signed on to commiebook. A place to go to have your life and liberty shattered by the sharing of personal information, one Bill of Rights article killer after another.

Your 1st article right to communicate freely has been shattered if it doesn’t meet the commiebook agenda, and just like YouTube and Twitter, your personal information is sold to the highest bidder, killing another important article of the Bill of Rights, the 4th article; your personal effects flushed down the toilet so an American commie can make another billion.  

Yes, surrounded by armed guards as he walks those few feet to have a tea party with his masters; the main attraction at the Washington DC circus act.

The Jew puppet punk is going to show America how he will be treated like royalty as he makes us all look like a bunch of fools. This toilet bug billionaire is a phony, conman thief, who not only got away with theft of an idea, but has turned it into a commie stronghold designed to fleece American Nationals from personal property and dignity, while directing us into the commie algorithm abyss.

Do yourselves a favor, get out of the commiebook nightmare as fast as possible, your being commieberged. Commiebook has helped to ruin the minds of millions, doing nothing but wasting valuable time and energy.

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