Communists Introduce 2nd Amendment Infringements via Doublespeak

It has been a couple of months now since I heard one of these communists on the Communist News Network put out the word to his comrades to implement doublespeak to precipitate the attack on our unalienable, cannot be infringed upon, 2nd Amendment right.  I wish I would have written this fellow’s name down, but I didn’t.  This is what he said, “We have to quit saying ‘gun control’ and replace that term with ‘gun safety’”.

This being said in the last few days I have seen this Orwellian tactic being implemented within the propaganda machine.  Now we are not talking about gun control legislation but rather gun safety legislation.  An infringement by any other name is still an infringement but the strategy being implemented is clear in its intent.

Any executive order attacking our 2nd Amendment will have to go directly to the treasonous Supreme Court to have the issue of infringement and the legality of the order examined to see if it is enforceable under the Constitution.  The insurgents within our government have been using the commerce clause to infringe upon our rights for the past 50 years and now they will try to use their charge to insure public safety to attack our 2nd Amendment.

In our original Constitution our Bill of Rights were the first ten articles, and according to the 9th Article thereof, no supposed power can be used to infringe upon any of the people’s rights as any such action would represent a dismantling of the foundation upon which the structure of our law stands.  That is why any law passed representing an infringement of our Bill of Rights is automatically nullified upon implementation as the American nationals are in no way bound to follow any law that infringes in any way upon their unalienable rights.

When this treasonous government enacted the Patriot Act, it was an act of insurgency as the enforcement nullified our 4th Amendment right.  When the 2012 NDAA was enacted, it was not only an act of insurgency but did and does represent a complete injunction upon the entire Bill of Rights and thus a declaration of war against every American national.

The insurgents are now out in the open and they are not looking for an argument in law but rather an excuse to disarm us after the fact of the declaration of war.

We have asserted over and over again that guns do not kill people, but rather that people kill people and this reality has become absolute, as it is not the guns they fear but rather the patriots wielding them.  They know that we are 110% justified in putting down their insurgency with whatever means we find necessary.

There will be legislation and executive orders coming forth and the response will not be, “If you vote for this we will vote you out of office” but rather, “If you do this we will forcibly put down the armed insurgency that your actions will have facilitated, and you will be put on trial for the high treason that you will have signed your name to.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “Communists Introduce 2nd Amendment Infringements via Doublespeak

  1. They’re very accustomed to relying on “spin” to dull the edge of their tyranny, but unfortunately for them, it doesn’t matter what they say anymore. The layers of deceit are being peeled off the eyes of an angry nation, and the people want no more of their lies.

    Double-speak won’t save them, and triple-speak will only make things worse. The fact that they’re not fleeing the country right now proves they have no idea how angry people are about being lied to for so long.

  2. Right now I’m in line at a pretty big gun show. It seems, from listening to peoples’ conversations, that most of these people are awake here and on the same page. Well I’m about to get in and it looks packed.

  3. Remember Comrade Chairman Hussein the Immaculate’s “working under the rader” comment in the first term? I assure you the gun grab imperial decrees and executive fiats were drawn up as early as 2010.

  4. Well folks, according to some of the vendors inside this gun show, the system for the background checks crashed or was taken down. One of them said it was the FBI but this was not confirmed. The place was filled to capacity and took up 4 large buildings. One thing I can confirm is the demand has pushed the prices up to the level of ridiculous.

    1. Hi Eomer,

      Ok,.. thanks for the update.

      If you have a chance,… ask if people believe we are about to go Civil-War, or Revolutionary War.

      (Technically it would be a Revolutionary War, as the US Fed gov’t is NOT an American Gov’t, but an “Enemy Force In Occupation”, and Revolutionary Wars are when a peoples decide to expell a foreign gov’t).

      Also,.. what is the average going rate for an basic AR-15at the show your at?

      Thanks – JD – US Marines

  5. We have been experiencing a troll attack directed against From the Trenches. Apparently, there have been a few trolls who have been laying low and acting like they are a part of the movement.
    The attacks have been directed not at me, but at our site, starting with ChewyBees saying we were acting in coalition with the mainstream media in putting up an article about the flag being stomped on.
    And then there was oldranger68 who wrote a comment so profane in his description of homosexual acts that I took it down immediately. Again, it was suggested that From the Trenches was a controlled site. For any of you regulars who would like to see this trashy comment I will email it to you and you can judge for yourself.
    Then this morning we have Erin who asks the question, “Is From the Trenches censoring our posts?” Why would we post something and then censor it?
    This could be just a straight up government attack because we have been instrumental in attacking this gun confiscation bullshit for what it is. Or it could be a John Stadmiller/Alex Jones attack as Alex Jones has been saying all week that anyone who says anything negative about him is working with the new world order. Of course he does not identify those in the new world order as for some reason he can’t say the word, “Z-Z-Zionist”.
    Look for these treasonous trolling parasites to be slandering our site on other patriot sites and let them know that we know exactly who and what they are and that From the Trenches is not going to be stopped.
    We have seen our enemies try every trick in the book to shut us down but if they think a couple of no talent pukes can harm us in slander, they do not understand what this site is and the nature of our resolve.
    Make no mistake; our enemies hate us because we refuse to buy into any kind of divide. In reality this post isn’t even necessary but I felt compelled to vent. LOL

    1. Hi Henry,

      Right you are!

      Every site that expresses outrage at the treason occurring, refusal to submit to tyranny, and recognizes the US Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment, is a target of our treasonous gov’t, which is NOT an American gov’t,.. but an, “Enemy Force In Occupation”.

      Although “From The Trenches” has no special immunity against trolls or their propaganda attacks,… you, and the rest of us that support you and this site have an unusually high ability to spot the trolls almost instantly.

      Unfortunately, like any ambush, you don’t know exactly who or what, until they have attacked and exposed their true postion, but like any well trained scout team, we recognize the threat once it has exposed itself, then eliminate it.

      Real Patriots are consistent in their loyality and view points, and therein lies the strategy for detecting all the fakes, the trolls, and the gov’t paid schills who have to earn their treason pay every single day.

      Henry, we will find, identify and route them out each and every day as their rear their ugly little, treasonous heads.

      Don’t worry, this is one of the few sites under the watchful eye of loyal Americans, Patriots, Vets,.. and God.

      God Bless you and this site.

      JD – US Marines – Day 30 Of The 2nd American Revolution.

  6. JD, I didn’t see your message until after I got back so I missed my chance to ask your question, but I actually ran into an old friend who I used to work with +10 years ago. He was actually one of the vendors and after we got past the small talk, his first question was “Are you ready for the revolution?”. I’d say he has a pretty good perspective because he sees and talks to people just about everyday and besides guns he mainly sells tools and hardware.I did take some pictures of the line when we were waiting to get in but I was afraid to take any inside because they posted no video or pictures to be taken. It probably would’ve been ok but I didn’t to get tossed out.

  7. Regardless of the tactics used, we will NEVER comply with their treasonous laws, E.O.’s, edicts, statutes or any other infringement upon our personal liberties or God-given rights.

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