3 thoughts on “Complaint and Application for Temp Injunction as FILED

  1. I’m jus’ startin’ to read this, but don’t you just hate it when the word “Honorable” appears before the name of a traitor?

    Also, I wonder why Pratt is up there but not the NRA.


  2. Yeah, it’s all swimmin’ in legalise and in the realm of the unlawful admiralty courts, but it’s still delicious to see the traitors accused of subversion:

    “15. Ironically, in February of 2012, Governor Northan and Attorney General Herring, then state senators, both voted in favor of H.B. 20, the current version of the statute they now seek to subvert.”

    And taking it further in terms of the plaintiffs… ANY tolerance of infringement (even a speck of tolerance) is another type of subversion. I learned that from Henry today.

    Even a speck.


  3. I won’t bother reading their treason, no point. We don’t ask permission from traitors to restrict other traitors from infringing on our rights.

    We wait and keep telling them to please pass all the edicts they want, then come and enforce them, that is where it will hit the bones.

    And like Mark K always says, it will be equal opportunity dying time, they won’t get to go Hup, Hup, Hup and bark orders at us, cause they’ll be dodging bullets.

    Our time approaches and so it should.

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