Compulsory Adult Vaccination bill signed into Law

Vaccine Liberation Army

Compulsory Adult Vaccines in California…Just the beginning!

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed SB 792 a bill to further strengthen California’s mandatory vaccine laws by requiring that adults who work or volunteer at day care centers be vaccinated. A violation of the act is a crime.

The Democratic governor announced Sunday that he approved a bill requiring day care centers and day care homes to maintain immunization records proving their workers and volunteers have been vaccinated for the flu, pertussis and the measles.  

VLA Warning: “This is a first in the nation bill that gives power to the state to mandate vaccines for adults. This is just the beginning of compulsory adult vaccinations as well as a precedent setting law for forced medical treatments such as psyche drug implants for the supposed mentally ill; forced chemotherapy for children against the parents will and whatever the medical mafia decides what is profitable”.

–Eileen Dannemann, founder

9 thoughts on “Compulsory Adult Vaccination bill signed into Law

  1. Communistfornia. Thank God I don’t live there. They deserve what they get. Jerry Brown..a brown stain on the mattress.
    I think ya been cheated son. R. Lee Ermey.

  2. “A violation of the act is a crime.”

    The ‘vaccinations’ are a crime.

    “This is just the beginning of compulsory adult vaccinations…”

    You mean the beginning of a whole lot of dead (so-called) ‘health’ workers. How many people do you think are going to acquiesce? Even if they ARE brainwashed?

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