Confirmed: 2 N. Korean Subs Missing

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This situation is going from bad to worse. According to this report, two North Korean subs went missing two days ago. Though the google translation below from Chosun News TV is very shabby, you can get the jist of it. This situation was brought to my attention via this tweet from Defense Analyst Nathan J. Hunt minutes ago (7pm Eastern 4-3-2012). :  

TV Chosun scoop today. Disappeared a few days before leaving the naval base in North Korea, please submersible two. Meanwhile, South Korea military to track the movement of North Korean submarine corvettes to send an additional vigilance. Between the beginning of next week, starting tomorrow. Been obtained intelligence that North Korea’s provocations can

A few days ago, North Korean submarine two disappeared after leaving the naval base in Hwanghae Province Please hid a military source said.

30m small, 130-ton torpedo can carry a two-foot Chinese crew of 10 people, and at depths of less than 100m mission for more than three or four days longer available.

North Korean submarine dispatch analysis is less likely to be simulated and the provocations that raise the threat level training may be, but denied that the particle size of the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

Military intelligence officials intelligence there is a significant change in North Korea between next Tuesday will come from next Thursday, “he revealed. Loading weight on the possibility of provocation. Usually from March to April was not until thaw began training this time, a North Korean submarine was nothing suspicious maneuvers early February.

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  1. Anchor]
    Starts today with the TV Korea exclusive. Two submersibles which left the naval installation which in a few days ago in North Korea Haeju is disappeared. The South Korean army the North Korea submersible moving, the weight shipping meantime, is tightening the border in addition to dispatch the patrol frigate. From tomorrow also the says intelligence which North Korea will be able to provoke to between beginning of next week was obtained.
    Is journalist Ahn Seok-ho.

    The military source disclosed a few days ago after two North Korea submersibles left the Hwanghae-do Haeju naval base, disappeared.

    The Hwanghae-do naval base is confronting the western sea northern boundary of the DMZ, NLL nearly Yeonpyeong-do. The submersible which disappeared was known that a 3 years ago during with the Cheonan blowing up is same salmon class.
    Although 30m is small to 130 ton class, can load a middle torpedo two rounds, crew member 10 people above accomplishment of task of above the three or four days is possible from orthocenter below 100m.

    North Korea submersible move although is training one, Kaeseong Industrial Complex entering the capital as for the thing subordinate is increasing a threatening level the possibility that will confer a provocation from point few is analysis.

    The army intelligence official “this week from Thursday, next week between Tuesday, was an intelligence the significant change come in North Korea, disclosed,” to the possible provocation emphasized. Normality becomes March-April and the North Korea submarine which started thawing training covers this time from February early maneuver training also do winning.
    The army did, the North Korea submersible moving, that is strengthening the security posture which dispatches the weight the naval patrol frigate near NLL addition was told.

    After also during the Cheonan blowing up North Korea submersible two price departing 3 years ago, surprise attack one price Cheonan with the middle torpedo. Besides the western sea Yeonpyeong-do fisherman from the 1st the commercial fishing vessel to start blue crab catcher going out fishing one attack or accidental collision possibility is worrying with the rival.
    Is TV Korea Ahn Seok-ho.

  2. I live here In Incheon. The Korean language is very hard to translate,
    and google doesn’t do it justice. Hope this is a little easier to understand.

  3. Many thanks for the accurate translation, moose. They really butchered it, whoever did the original.

    1. Google translate did the original. You should try turning on the automatic captioning/translation on youtube clips if you need a good laugh.

      1. Done that.

        Unfortunately, it makes my head hurt to see the English language butchered that badly.

    2. Your welcome. looks like all those classes are paying
      Korea is a beautiful country, the people, the food, etc. the best in the world!
      The language and thought pattern a

      1. My cousin(by marriage) is currently teaching English in Korea and as an employee is looked after extremely well. He says that the people are extremely polite.

        1. uninformedLuddite,
          I came here 8 months ago from Mongolia, it’s been a pure pleasure! Mongolians, And Egyptians while I lived there treated me very well.
          But there’s something about Korea that is very special. I live in a lower
          middle class neighborhood, where about 5 people speak English, yet
          Language has never been a problem. In all my travels since I left the states
          only Turkey is a country I will never return to. Oh and of course America. lol

      2. Personally I’d prefer Australia. Cairns, to be precise. Beautiful city.

        No need to learn a new language either. lol

        Too bad they let the government take their guns, though.

    1. Cathleen, That is hard to say. But I strongly doubt They are capable of any distance beyond Japan. Everyone I talk to here see the problem as a U.S creation.
      “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”
      Compared to the U.S The North has a few twigs and a couple of pebbles.
      Yet what a over reaction to a few justified words.
      Words that were uttered in response to war games on it’s borders and off it’s coast.
      America is hell bent on war, war and more war!

    2. Cathleen, The subs, which are small 10man units meant only for coastal defense are lost and presumed sunk. My guess is more hank panky by the U.S. military trying to provoke a reaction to justify
      an attack.

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