11 thoughts on “Confused Pelosi Stutters – Can’t Remember Who’s President – Calls Trump “Bush” Again

  1. there should be Bi-yearly competency tests on the people in our government ..right down to the local government

    this kind of crap should not be slipping through the cracks

    I have delt with people with Dementia , its not funny , and its sad
    I will not poke fun at it ..it is serious
    and no one that is losing this cognoscente ability should be holding any office , or responsibilities

    they need to be home with their family , and good care
    they can be a danger to themselves , and others
    giving people with this ailment a position of authority is dangerous
    and it is embarrassing to those who do love them

    I have no love lost for Pelosi , but dam..doesn’t she have anyone in her family that cares for her ? evidently not , or she wouldn’t be standing there making a fool of her self or her family, or our country

    this kind of cover up needs to stop also

      1. Very good possibility
        As she feels the new rope we bought chaffing her neck

        I also wouldn’t put it past Hillary or any of these other crooks

        And therefore my reason for demanding competency testing
        If they have to pass that for continuing their job , they won’t be able to play that game
        It’s a dubble edged sword

        1. Yeah,

          I have this feeling that some heavy sht is going to come down, these toilet bugs are going to feel some heat. Pelosi and Hillary are top criminals, no doubt about it.

  2. How is this alien still in politics. She can’t even remember her own name half of the time and SHE’S in charge of a state? WTF? I’m in the wrong business.

  3. She represents the people of the 12th district of California. I’m not sure if it’s always been that particular district. But wow….they seem to like her…keep voting her in right? Anyone interested in voter fraud and rigging can look up Beverly Harris and watch on you tube. Warning….you will cry.

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