Congress Provides Evidence That Obama Seeks 3rd Term, End Presidential Term Limits?

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Obama Is A Dictator: Congress Provides Evidence That Obama Seeks to Become 3rd Term Dictator

If the president can kill with drones, suspend immigration laws, and tap your phones what can’t he do?

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) fears that the Obama administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws could lead to Obama himself failing to enforce election laws, a concern voiced amidst calls by some for Obama to run for a third term in office.  

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday, Gowdy asked Simon Lazarus, senior counsel to the Constitutional Accountability Center, “If the president can fail to enforce immigration laws, can the president likewise fail to enforce election laws?”
Lazarus responded “no,” to which Gowdy shot back, “Why not? If he can suspend mandatory minimum and immigration laws, why not election laws?”

“Because we live in a government of laws, and the president is bound to obey them and apply them,” Lazarus answered. Gowdy responded by reiterating that Obama was not applying immigration and marijuana laws, a stance with which Lazarus disagreed.

Gowdy subsequently asked George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley what the likelihood of the administration suspending election laws was, to which Turley responded, “I think that some of these areas I can’t imagine to be justified through prosecutorial discretion. It’s not prosecutorial discretion to go into a law and say, an entire category of people will no longer be subject to the law. That’s a legislative decision.”

Turley added that the country was currently embroiled in “the most serious constitutional crisis in my lifetime” and that Congress was becoming increasingly irrelevant.

According to recent reports, it appears that one college professor has been toting an absurd solution for “fixing” our nation’s problems: voting President Obama into a third term.

While most of us shudder at the thought, Jonathan Zimmerman, a history professor at New York University, recently wrote an article for The Washington Post, in which he suggested that the U.S. government allow Obama to serve for a third term.

According to Zimmerman, who even addresses Obama’s 37 percent approval rating, Obama would be more effective at governing if he was allowed to run in the 2016 election. Zimmerman argued that this action would make the current President “less likely to ignore the will of the American people.”

“It’s time to put that power back where it belongs,” Zimmerman wrote in his article. “Barack Obama should be allowed to stand for reelection just as citizens should be allowed to vote for—or against—him.  Anything less diminishes our leaders and ourselves.”

What do you think? Are Zimmerman’s comments completely absurd?

11 thoughts on “Congress Provides Evidence That Obama Seeks 3rd Term, End Presidential Term Limits?

  1. Let that tyrannical douche bag give it a try! I have no doubt that it would be the final straw to break the proverbial camel’s back!

    1. He never was elg. for office and here is years later, unopposed.

      He does as he pleases and Congress goes to big parties and lives high on the hog at the cost of American’s liberties vanishing.

      If Øsurper wants a third term he will take it and nothing will come of it through any gov agency, Congress included.

  2. I just KNEW this bastard would try and do this. It’s the only Constitutional Amendment that he hasn’t destroyed yet and you knew he wouldn’t leave the office without doing it. This egotistical son of a bitch won’t stop until he’s destroyed everything. What do you expect from a dictator? He’s practically the Anti-Christ for cryin’ out loud.

    He’ll probably use the Ebola crisis, emergency powers or war as an excuse to keep himself in office for as long as he wants. Him and the MSM will probably use FDRs three terms and WWII as an excuse to stay in office.



    Are we just going to allow this to happen?

    It’s high time we oust the Communist bastard and hang him for high treason! It’s LONG overdue.

    This illegal, homosexual, Kenyan, Communist bastard will not stop until he is arrested or hung for his crimes! 😡

    When will enough be enough people?

    And why haven’t the militia in the South closed the port of entries yet? What the hell are they waiting for???!!! Are they going to let some stupid Barth woman and some cartel threats stop them? Come on, people! This has gone on long enough!

    We need a two prong strategy that needs to be executed simultaneously in order for it to work. One to restore our border and one to restore DC. Until then, NOTHING will change.

    1. “When will enough be enough people?”

      When the t.v. stations quit broadcasting, and all the food and meds are gone?

  3. So far y’all can’t see the elephant in the room: muslim jihadists in WHouse, Congress & bureaucracy. Sharia law is in, Constitution is out. Sleeper cells funded by every mosque in the world. Global caliphate has been declared and the numbskulls here are rearranging the deck chairs.

    You’re on your own. The fifth column is organized, battle-hardened, locked and loaded, doing surveillance until they get their marching orders.

        1. Arabs don’t have nukes & the Samson Option (other than Pakistan, and their paltry few are nothing against Israhell’s 400 +).

          Arabs are nothing more than another ‘program’ in the matrix construct.

  4. “Obama himself failing to enforce election laws”

    Its not up to him to enforce election laws.

    and if this gets played it will be up to us to enforce it!

  5. Perhaps Obama believes that people would prefer him instead of Hillary?

    This could get interesting, considering what happens to anyone (including Obama) who get in the way of the Clinton’s. Just ask these people… oops I forgot — they’re dead.

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