Congressman Accidentally Admits Cryptocurrencies Threaten Govt’s “Control” Over You

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Washington, D.C. — On Wednesday, the Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities, and Investment (Committee on Financial Services) held a hearing they called “Examining the Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets.” During this ostensible “examination,” banker-owned politicians used their time to fabricate and perpetuate outright lies and fear about cryptocurrencies. At one point in the discussion, however, one banker shill accidentally admitted the real reason government doesn’t like cryptocurrencies and the blockchain—it threatens their control over you.  

Wednesday’s hearing marked the first time Congress has attempted to tackle the regulatory issues stemming from initial coin offerings (ICOs). Georgetown University law professor Dr. Chris Brummer, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati partner Robert Rosenblum, and Coinbase’s chief legal and risk officer Mike Lempres were featured as witnesses to the hearing.

During the two-hour-long hearing, there were many positive points made by well-informed politicians who understand the value in the blockchain and in cryptocurrency. However, one banker-funded shill, Representative Brad Sherman (D – CA) couldn’t have made his bias and ignorance on the matter any clearer.

“Cryptocurrencies are popular with guys who like to sit in their pajamas and tell their wives they are going to be millionaires. They help terrorists and criminals move money around the world. Tax evaders. They help startup companies commit fraud, take money, and one percent of the time they actually create a useful business,” Sherman said, attempting to ridicule and shame the millions of good people who choose to invest in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

But that was only the beginning. As Sherman continued, he would slip up during his sentence and reveal the real reason him and his cronies in Washington don’t want you to invest in the crypto world.

“It hurts the US government in two ways,” Sherman said. “Our contr….” Sherman slips, about to fully admit that the government is scared of crypto because they cannot “control” you with it.

Although he mostly came right out and said it, Sherman then clarified what he started to say by noting how the US government essentially uses the dollar as a weapon around the world and domestically to force their control.

The dollar, as Sherman correctly states, is used to “impose sanctions” (aka acts of war) and “stop tax cheating” (making sure the government can get every dime possible off the backs of its citizens).

Watch for yourself below as this banker shill makes this bombshell admission.

Calling Sherman a banker shill is not an exaggeration either. When we look into who is financing his campaigns, it becomes entirely clear as to why this man is taking to the podium to perpetuate lies about the blockchain.

One of Sherman’s top contributors for 2017-2018 was Allied Wallet which is a global payment gateway for government-backed fiat. They are directly threatened by the far more efficient and far more private payment systems that exist using blockchain technology which explains why they have their puppet shaming people for using it.

It is also no coincidence that the top industries funding Sherman are all Securities and Investment firms which make up the bulk of his campaign income.

The good news is that Sherman is a dinosaur. While the hearing appeared to be split down the middle over their perceptions of the blockchain, some members gave heartening testimonials as to what’s to come.

Rep. Tom Emmer, a member of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, made the fear-based opponents of this revolutionary technology look like the shills they are.

“I tend to trust people and believe that they’re in these things for good, and that they’re trying to improve their own lives and hopefully the lives of people around them — that old adage that a rising tide lifts all boats. And yet I hear elected officials who don’t have any concept of what we’re dealing with here and how exciting it is, talking about how we got to regulate and create more government infrastructure. I respectfully disagree that that won’t act as a wet blanket on this amazing new technology. I realize there has to be some regulation, but there’s got to be balance,” Emmer said.

And he is correct. Blockchain technology is already and already has been changing the world for the better. One coin, in particular, DASH, is bringing commerce to poor countries in Africa and South America while at the same time funding alternative media projects to make sure the establishment is not able to maintain their grip on the flow of information.

Anonymous donors are funding breakthrough science that government would never support and donating millions to charities—all because of the blockchain—hardly the work of “terrorists and money launderers.”

Make no mistake, those who are threatened by cryptocurrencies are not that way because they want to protect you from terrorists or poor investments. One need only look at the megabanks who are caught laundering money for terrorists all the time and never face consequences. These same banks are also caught in massive schemes designed to rip off their customers, stealing billions in the process, and no one ever goes to jail.

Like Sherman admitted in the video above, the establishment is scared of the blockchain because it gives control—using radical transparency instead of government secrecy—back to the people.

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19 thoughts on “Congressman Accidentally Admits Cryptocurrencies Threaten Govt’s “Control” Over You

  1. You couldn’t pay me to watch this crook lie for two hours, but I’m going to suggest that his “slip” may have been intentional, because he WANTS more people into “crypto-currencies”.

    The dollar is untraceable, and they’re trying to end cash for that reason (and others) It’s the crypto-currency that can be tracked, and every transaction taxed, and made to disappear from your account.

    No, the dollar isn’t nearly as controlling at the crypto currency will be, and I suspect that we’ll have a government issued crypto currency soon enough.

    Remember: these congressional freaks KNOW that no one trusts them, so they’re likely to attack things on camera that they actually want support for, just as the Zionist media attacked Trump because they wanted him elected.

    Crypto currencies give the gov’t MORE control over you, not less. This congressional Zionist tool knows this.

    1. Don’t think crypto currencies, think BITCOIN – No fedcoin or any other crypto will be able to replace it. Bitcoin has been installed. This appears to be the situation at this point anyway.

      I grant that it may be a trick, but do grant me that it may not be and consider the ramifications. If it is a fairer alternative jew banking, we do need to support it!

      Do not give your ID ever to get your bitcoin folks!

      1. You’re still talking about a currency that is traceable, unpredictable as far as its value is concerned, requires computers and internet access, and can disappear in the blink of an eye.

        Not for me, thanks.

        1. traceable: many plans on the table to fix this, but it does take time.

          unpredictable: not really, it is deflationary and the value goes up. Just don’t mortgage the house speculating. Note that there are less bitcoins in the world than millionaires.

          requires computers/internet: I’d prefer not to have all this tech personally, but I’d say if we don’t have computers or the internet at this point, we will likely be back to barter anyway, so dollars and even precious metals may not be used as money.

          Tell you what, cash is being seriously downgraded. My economy is pretty close to “cash only” and I’ve been watching the vice clamp down on the use of cash year after year: stores refusing large bills, large bills not available anymore, banks refusing bills paid in cash without ID, notes with tracking devices installed, suspicious activity reports filed for “unusual” cash transactions. Bitcoin is designed to handle such problems.

          Bottom line- gov’t (jews) print and control cash. They can take it away whenever they want and also prevent us from moving around gold and silver. Look what just happened in India. They declared the 2 largest notes, the ones used most in commerce as valueless. Bitcoin cannot be taken away without completely removing the internet forever.

          1. Bob,
            Bitcoin was created out of nothing. There was no deposit of gold, silver, timber, land, no real wealth to back the first bitcoin or those that followed.
            I know what you are going to say. Simply put, if time on a computer were of any real value, I’d be rich.
            As bitcoin grew, it left behind it a vacuum where the nothing that started it resides, and as the nothing expanded out, the black hole has become enormous. Physics dictates that any tangible wealth entered into the equation is automatically sucked into the void in a million different directions.
            It is a pyramid scheme, plain and simple, with everybody at every level thinking they are the next one up for the big payoff.
            I know the fiat debt dollar is worthless and that is not the issue or the argument.
            Or maybe it is magic and you can create a three dimensional solid object made out of a matter that is usable in the physical world out of thin air.

          2. Henry- If we implement a fair monetary system, there will be less opportunity for war. The original colonies had little gold or silver so they used fiat. This worked well for many years. Post Wiemar Germany had little gold or silver so they implemented a system of fiat and turned their economy around in 3 or 4 years. The Bank of North Dakota has been operating a system of fiat fairly for 100 years and this is one of the only solvent banks in the world.

            Ultimately the value of money comes from perceived value of those who use it. No backing is necessary, just the proper amount of currency in circulation to do business. The important thing is that there is not a class of people who can print new money at will. Bitcoin handles this problem with math.

            You are correct that a small number of people own the majority of the BTC, thus your pyramid scheme argument is relevant, however, this class of people apparently is not the same group that owns all the good real estate, all the oil, most of the advanced weapons, all the politicians, etc. My hope is that the governments will have to respond to the threat of bitcoin by offering a more fair system of cash for local private use to remain relevant at all.

            Thank you for your thoughts on the matter.

          3. Incidentally, at no time in American history has there been a currency that is fully backed by gold or silver. Each time a national bank was formed, starting with the one formed the day after the constitution was signed, the government put up their say 20% of the gold, then the jew bankers fractionalized this gold, lent it to each other and then put up this “money” as their share of the bank’s reserve. To my knowledge, each of the 4 times America has formed a national bank, this trick has been used.

            Bitcoin is not (yet) a fractional reserve system. In a way it is more gold than gold. Americans have traditionally used notes representing gold, not the gold itself.


  2. I use the Brave browser (except for certain sites like Netflix since Brave doesn’t work there…techies: can’t live with ’em, can’t live with ’em!), and one annoying thing is every damned day at various times their cutsey wootsey “tokens” crapola pops up saying, “Ready to use tokens to support your favorite websites?” and I always click “maybe later” because all these tokens are is something like Bitcoin…and, BTW, nearly ALL the complaints Brave “techies” get regard these tokens! Sites one “supports” with tokens are not getting their tokens! A scam….that’s all these “crypto-currencies” are!

    Let me remind all here: techies hate humanity, so they love making humans all frustrated with all this “crypto” crapola!

  3. “Cryptocurrencies are popular with guys who like to sit in their pajamas and tell their wives they are going to be millionaires. They help terrorists and criminals move money around the world. Tax evaders. They help startup companies commit fraud, take money, and one percent of the time they actually create a useful business,” Sherman said,…”



  4. Bob, I’m no finance whiz, but for you to state: “this class of people apparently is not the same group that owns all the good real estate, all the oil, most of the advanced weapons, all the politicians, etc.,” seems incredibly naive to me. I just can’t imagine any go-system that “they” would just sit back and let happen. And many assert that they themselves started it. And you admit that it’s a pyramid so with that someone always has to lose. I reported here last month that my neighbor, whom I trust, confided in me that he lost $89.000 to BitCoin. No lie.

    Now let me get something straight… You say,

    “Ultimately the value of money comes from perceived value of those who use it. No backing is necessary, just the proper amount of currency in circulation to do business”

    What?!! “Perceived?!!” “No backing?!!” That’s like playing a fantasy game. For instance, someone says, “My perception tells me you owe me $500.00.” The responder: “Well, MY perception says I owe you $50.00. Without backing we’re at the mercy of each other’s perception.

    I can’t go too deep on this, but there’s no way in hell I’d make any kind of agreement on a perceived reality.


    1. Hi Galen, thanks for the discussion. In my opinion, this is one of the most important topics we should focus on: the understanding of money. Looking at our nation’s history in terms of money is one of the most accurate ways to assess the situation.

      Here is the basic story of bitcoin as I know it:

      During the testing and creation of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym, Hal Finney and a handful of other programmers launched bitcoin and during the process of the launch and testing it is estimated that they mined about 3,000,000 btc. Satoshi disappeared when it was suggested he meet with the CIA and Finny died and had himself cryogenically frozen. These large wallets lie dormant. The next wave of adopters were programmers, people who wanted financial change, anthropologists, game theoreticians and other technicians who had been studying world problems. Another 1-2 million coins were lost because they had little or no value at this point and people were careless with the novel coins. The open source code of bitcoin designates that there will only ever be a total of 21,000,000 coins ever. Many in the community are choosing to hold their coins, so there are probably only a couple of million coins total available on the world markets.

      This “scarcity” means that if people continue to perceive that bitcoin has value, the value will rise; it is a deflationary currency. As adoption continues, the coins will become harder and harder to come by. Bitcoin is divisible to the 8th decimal, so people will only be able to afford part of a coin. Though we are still in the early adopter phase of the bitcoin experiment, as more national/jewish/central bank fiat shifts into the bitcoin market and a larger percentage of the world’s wealth is stored in bitcoin, the value will continue to rise. People getting in now will likely not experience immediate riches, but by design btc’s value should generally go up over time. Obviously this rise in value is going to be volatile, but if it is a good thing, this is expected as it is attacked by the current monied regime. Gresham’s law states that “bad money drives out good,” so the verified fair system of bitcoin should prove more stable than the (((centrally))) controlled system that can print money at will. As this is the case, more and more people will start to save some money using bitcoin. This is why places like Venezuela and even India are apparently starting to use bitcoin in daily trade settlement.

      Here’s the thing Galen. I believe that in a fair monetary system those currently in power will not be able to compete. Whoever owns the majority of the coins now will not be able to use the traditional tools of the trade: fraud, system rigging, violence, the scam of insurance, taxes, interest, seizures, war, etc, etc. The books will balance over time. Is this naive? Perhaps, but the system is completely intolerable as it is, so we need to explore ALL avenues. Those who control the money never have and they never will give us a fair system voluntarily. They have been addicted to stealing from the public for centuries or millennia.

      Keep in mind that bitcoin is merely the latest attempt to wrest control of the money system from the jews. 3 times in American history we’ve taken control away from the Rothschild banks, Bernard von NotHaus created the liberty dollar and was easily taken out because he was just one guy, the cypher punks launched a digital currency, but it was likewise easily attacked because it was tied to a central server. The distributed tech of bitcoin with no central point of attack is very potentially a game changer.

      Concerning your friend… so we can assume he bought around 9 coins at the 20,000$ price. If he didn’t overextend himself, he can hold onto the coins and he will be smiling again when bitcoin goes to new highs. In the brief life of bitcoin, this has taken no more than 2 years so far. If he overextended himself it was his mistake. I bought a fair amount of silver at 35$ and I’m licking my wounds to this day, but I didn’t spend more than I could afford to lose, and if I can’t pay rent or something, then I have a decent stash to sell to my jewish coin dealer at a loss to cover expenses for a while.

      As far as the perception of value, there is a common perception that is AGREED upon that we consider when we make a contract. If you and I were making an agreement for work in exchange for silver, we could choose the market value of silver on the close of contract or agree on a set number of ounces. I don’t see how bitcoin is any different. Stick with it because money should be based on common sense. Money has taken many forms throughout history: sticks of wood, shells, wampum, diamonds (lol.) silver, gold, and pure fiat. Even stones that were too large to move were used as money by one society. I even have evidence that our whole world (UN) monetary system is currently backed by the “citizenry’s” ability to do work during a lifetime (think birth certificate.)

      I personally believe that private individuals should be able to use whatever we want as money, so bitcoin and the cryptos just add to my own choice of what tools are available to me. Thanks again.

      1. It’s like the global warming crowd saying, “ It’s going to get colder before It’s going to get hotter” this way they have their ass covered no matter what.

        It’s sitting at the 21 tables in Vegas seemingly forever, waiting for that 7 card deck to finally break your way, right when it does, they re-shuffle.

      2. Mark said it perfectly, but before I read his words, I wrote this:

        Sorry, Bob, I’m not connecting with this, the idea, the premise, the promise. No brass tax, and in a time where we’ve endured scheme after scheme, to present something this intangible is too much to ask, especially when there’s no guarantee of it being integrity-driven. Case in point, my neighbor. The whole presentation feels like Abbot and Costello’s “Who’s on first?” Amusing, but leading nowhere.

        You may be thinking, “Okay, go ahead and be left in the dust.” I’ll take dust over delusion or devious enterprises. I do not see the humanity in this.

        You say, “…by design btc’s value should generally go up over time” What a nebulous statement. First alarm is the word “should.” Oh yeah, that feels sound/safe. Then comes “over time.” A term so undefined and uncommitted it leaves rooms for decades, even centuries. Who can wait?

        And you say, “…we need to explore ALL avenues.” No we don’t. Our time, energy, resources are so valuable and so stretched, we need only explore that which holds great promise for solution. It’s counterproductive to go where your common sense tells you not to.

        About my friend you write: “If he overextended himself it was his mistake.” Sure, place the blame on the duped. Someone ran away with the potatoes. Bob, you are selling Casino-Gate, inviting people in to GAMBLE. The whole thing feels predatory.

        This, if you ask me, is word-play: “As far as the perception of value, there is a common perception that is AGREED upon.” That’s a little different than what you originally posited about perception. Still, there’s no brass tacks and as a realist, I require brass tacks, not a phenomenon where New Age meets Wall St.

        I don’t know how I got in this far, but… Anyhow, thank you, too. And I remain Anti-BitCoin.


      3. You know what, Bob? The discussion is over. You are not going to sell your fairy dust scam here.
        Bitcoin is a scam. It is the Jew’s wet dream. Now that they have all of the tangible wealth, they would have us settle for digits floating in the air as a measure of ownership of property.
        There is no magic and the only real wealth is that which you can see and touch in the physical world.
        Take your f#@king scam somewhere else.

  5. Bob,
    Look at your own statement. It works if people believe. This is no way to run a monetary system, but rather a way to control.
    If we had a system of bitcoin and everyone who had bitcoin went to cash it in for gold, silver, land, or any other tangible object, it would simply fall apart. It is like the concept of banking, lending something you do not have, something you made up. It is like gold derivatives, they are made of paper, not gold, and if everybody went to cash them in, there would not be enough gold to satisfy the debt.
    We are a people rich in land and we are supposed to have a monetary system for us, based on our assets. No one is ever going to enjoy true possession of any wealth until all the currency scams are eliminated. Those who circulate the bogus currency, if they call in all debt, the system collapses because there is no foundation.

  6. I hate money. The only good in it is to help others through this illusion.
    If TPTB didn’t want that congressman’s ‘slip’ to get out it wouldn’t have.
    more psyop

    1. BAM! You nailed it, Mary. They are coming at us like six year olds. They know we detest and distrust them, so when they want something they think all they have to do is say they are agin it and automatically we are for it.
      A sorry ass con which succeeded in getting an international real estate billionaire reality show host into the presidency. Frickin laughable, but I guess they don’t have to fool all of the people all of the time, just 20% every two and four years.

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