15 thoughts on “Congressmen Says 50% Of Americans Do Not Believe In The Constitution

  1. WOW!….

    Does ANY American actually require any other proof of the fact that our “elected” leaders are complete Socio-paths, Physcho-paths, and/or Chronic Pathological Liars??!!!

    My Fellow Americans – It is time to abolish our treasonous gov’t, and all its criminal agencies to the last.

    JD – US Marines – Growing more appalled with our criminal gov’t each and every day.

  2. So what, exactly, if I may be so bold as to ask, is he basing his conclusion on. ( I didn’t click on the link for the full video, so maybe it’s on that, if anyone else has the time to spare.)

  3. My guess is that the Constitution like Christmas does not suit the zionist agenda so it is ridiculed until it is not politically accepted to mention it.

    Divide and they conquer.

  4. “Congressmen Says 50% Of Americans Do Not Believe In The Constitution”

    Does he mean that the people don’t believe in the laws designed to protect us OR does he mean that the people don’t believe the laws of the Constitution are being followed and addressed when the government and Congress decide to pass bills putting them into law?

  5. He may have meant to say 50% of our elected politicians do not believe in the Constitution…they wrap it and the flag around themselves until after an election and that is it….

  6. Well for better or for worse,we`ll know by the time this weekend is over,(Nebraska) whether peaceful revolution is possible.Then we`ll see if all these tough talking ‘patriots’ I see all over every message board on the `net actually have a pair or,as I suspect,do not.I`m talking to you Three per-centers,Real Oath Keepers,ect,ect.And of course the posters above me 😉

  7. Lock and load, Wallace. I have no doubt that the regular posters on this site are NOT going to end up in camp FEMA. You’re either for us, or against us. Your choice.

    1. Oh hell I`m with you of course.Just waiting to see what the response,if any,we`ll see from the so called ‘mainstream’ patriot groups WHEN (not if) Ron Paul gets the boot this weekend win or lose.That will be the final tipping point.If that doesn`t spur enough outrage for an actual organized group (not a lone wolf type) to take action then nothing will ever change.

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