9 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories and Antisemitism

    1. I’m only about a third through this very long article with some very astounding facts and possible facts, but jus’ came across this…

      “The American Revolution was fought by white gentile colonists because Jewish merchants in North America resented the fact that the British Crown imposed taxes on them. The Jewish merchants fomented the Revolutionary War as a means of cutting ties with Britain, so they would no longer be forced to pay taxes to the British Crown. The British colonists in North America were duped by Jews into fighting a war against their own homeland in order to secure Jewish financial independence in the New World. … A Freemason and sympathizer to the Revolutionary cause, Haym Salomon bankrolled the American army $20,000 to continue fighting the revolution, allowing them to ultimately defeat the British in the decisive battle of Yorktown.”

      …a perspective I’ve never heard before. And as yet, no mention of the brave who fought and died for their rights and independence beyond any Jewish manipulations. The writer may just be highlighting the inevitable co-opting that would happen, and the exploitation of The Revolution by those with the money. Still much more to read…


        1. Don’t confuse the privately paid Continental Army, which spent more time running than fighting, with the militiamen who came out of the mountains with their rifled squirrel guns and turned the tide. They are two different entities.

      1. Don’t confuse the people’s uprising for their rights with the hijacking for a revolution to create separate fiefdoms for the British nobility that sit hand in hand with their jewish controllers to hijack the uprising for rights and then turn it to their own purposes.
        Don’t forget that after the War of 1812, the King of England was granted charter to rape the resources of the united States from sea to sea.
        And don’t forget that in spite of the people’s vehement objections when World War I and World War II came along, the American nationals were conscripted and sent to die for the British Empire.
        The jews and the crowned heads are one and the same and are facing the same punishment when the people free themselves from the 240 year lie. Oh, and again, after that War of 1812, the United States, being the victor, paid war reparations to the king for every officer killed during the conflict.
        The only truth to the history of this country is the original uprising and the fact that we made those bastards ratify our rights and make them the absolute law that is above their criminal cabal.

        1. Important points, Henry. Man, they’ll co-opt ANY noble cause. I had hoped the author would qualify this and credit the real heroes of The Revolution, but he did not. Disappointing, because there is so much more he brought to the table that is riveting and important and could help heal the divisiveness that is being pushed upon us.

          Only one other bit I found where he again leaves out those who saw injustice and faced it down:

          “Samson Levy, a Jewish merchant living in Philadelphia, led a boycott in November, 1765, against the importation of goods from England to the colonies by signing a resolution along with six other Philadelphia Jewish merchants in protest against the tax known as the Stamp Act.”

          If I can find the author, I’ll try to send these points here in the comments off to him. Build a bridge of sorts.


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