Construction workers in Melbourne, Australia


Construction workers in Melbourne, Australia were told by their corrupt Union leadership to ‘get the COVID vaccine or lose your job’, so these workers ‘visited’ Union-headquarters and ‘invited’ them out of their cushy office to explain their death-threat


2 thoughts on “Construction workers in Melbourne, Australia

  1. The oligarchs can’t get their shit built without you people

    Tell em no
    Build yer own fckin buildings

    See how fast they shit when they find out what’s holding up their money

    Strength in numbers
    You Union guys should know this well

    Show me

    I already know 2 guys that told their employer to GFY
    Needs to be the entire team
    Back your fellow man up
    Because they can’t build it with just 1 or 2 compilers either
    So you fence sitters are next

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