The Controllers: “We Want Monitoring Of Ammunition Stockpiling”

The Captain’s Journal – by Herschel Smith

The Daily Journal:

Radio talk show host and TV commentator Hugh Hewitt is among a growing number of conservatives calling for monitoring the stockpiling of large-capacity ammunition feeding devices similar to how Sudafed is controlled.

Hewitt calls for photo IDs and records of purchases on firearm ammunition following the Oct. 1 shootings in Las Vegas that left 58 dead and 489 people wounded.

“If people buy a lot of ammunition in a short period of time, this should trigger a red flag with law enforcement,” said Hewitt on the NBC “Meet the Press” show on Oct. 8.

Monitoring ammunition stockpiling would be a way to let stockpilers know that law enforcement is keeping an eye on them. However, no guns or ammunition would be confiscated.

Officers who entered the room of the 32nd hotel floor used by the shooter were shocked to see the amount of weapons and ammunition the shooter had stockpiled. His victims were those who gathered nearby at the Harvest Country Music Festival.

Sudafed is regulated because pseudoephedrine, the active ingredient in some forms of medication, can be used to create the street drug methamphetamine, or crystal meth.

The federal act sets daily and monthly limits on how much of the active drug a person can buy.

When it comes to firearms and ammunition, there is no federal limit to how much a person like the Las Vegas shooter can buy, nor is there a national database of purchases.

A 1994 federal law, which expired a decade later in 2004, defined a large-capacity ammunition feeding device as a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip or similar device that has a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

“Gun control won’t work but ammo monitoring could,” says John Carnes, conservative author and firearms expert.

Twice you read it in the commentary above.  “Conservative” host Hugh Hewitt.  “Conservative author and firearms expert” John Carnes.  Actually, he somewhat misrepresents the gist of John’s article, who says this.

People should oppose gun control restrictions and registration requirements, but we shouldn’t let these turn our eyes from the existential threat of ammunition control. If ammunition printing ever becomes as cheap and effective as printing firearms parts currently is, then we can all rest assured that the right to keep and bear arms will never again be as infringed as it is today. Until that day comes, ammunition controls may be the most effective form of gun control.

He didn’t misrepresent Hewitt, apparently.  I never really thought Hugh Hewitt was a conservative.  But it does go to show that even the supposed conservatives are giving you up (case in point, the NRA, whose willingness to compromise empowered the controllers, who saw nothing but weakness).  They don’t care about your rights, whether firearms or the ammunition to use in them.

I know, I know.  The Supreme Court may block such rules and regulations, but they may not.  They didn’t block the assault weapons ban, and Heller was a weak enough decision that it may even be used to bolster the ammunition control case.

I think a lot of people sense that the one weakness our community has is ammunition.  This isn’t any different than it’s always been.  Consider this report, the only significant piece of information in an otherwise stupid article.

“Everybody I know is stockpiling ammo,” said Allen, who came from Sacramento, as he carried a plastic bag bulging with bullets and gun parts. He declined to give his last name.

Sure, fight this in the political arena, fight this in the courts, and fight it in the town square and court of public opinion.  But never assume you’re going to win.  If at first we lose, the winning will come later.

The Captain’s Journal

10 thoughts on “The Controllers: “We Want Monitoring Of Ammunition Stockpiling”

  1. I’ll be the first ammo rat….

    The Feds are stockpiling ammunition at an alarming rate. Military 5.56mm & .40 Cal hollowpoint ammo to the tune of BILLIONS of rounds. They are also arming up ALL their Agencies with full auto weaponry.
    I think they may be planning some kind of mass murders.

  2. More propaganda towards universal checks. It’s coming if we like it or not. I’ve stored enough liberty to last the rest of my life. Thinking I’m the only one is misguided. If universal checks don’t come about, they’ll just shoot more people until it does.

  3. Guilty over here. Couple thousand 5.56 and .223 as well and hundreds of 12ga 3″ highbrass in slug and 15 shot buckshot. Some handgun ammo too.
    I know I pale in comparison to the feds but I’m only one man and I’m counting on mobile resupply units in my area…
    Come and die trying to take. Lol
    Sorry for laughing. I’ll be quiet. Like a bush.

  4. the whole thing is true hypocrisy..if I bought all those weapons and ammo in 13 years you would think the scumbag atf would be knocking on my door.I would bet he had more weapons than Koresh..but the atf came knockin on his door..with an armored half tank and most likely napalm..the place bunted like a California ya think it wa s mother fu##in nature that burnt California to a crisp?

  5. Speaking of the California fires; did anyone notice that the only thing left in some of those homes were gun safes? Strange to see them standing alone in the ashes here and there. Even saw a news clip of a guy looking in his gun safe. It had no dial or handle; so I don’t know how. What the contents revealed was pretty depressing. Fire ratings are pretty useless in the real world evidently; unless you have a Sturdy Safe; with fire liner. I bought mine without though. Wish I had, now.

  6. “Gun control won’t work but ammo monitoring could,”

    There’s only ONE way you’re going to be able to monitor our ammo, scumbags.

    Counting them one by one as they’re taken out of traitors’ corpses.

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