How Convenient! Boston Holocaust Memorial Vandalized!

Published on Aug 19, 2017 by Zionist Report

The perpetual victims — victimized again! Days before a massive race demonstration in Boston today; the Memorial was vandalized by a “mentally unstable” 17-year-old. The Tribe has been known to create such acts themselves and/or brainwash/coerce individuals to do it on their behalf. We have plenty of videos on our channel and website demonstrating this as fact.

4 thoughts on “How Convenient! Boston Holocaust Memorial Vandalized!

  1. Since the jews have been bragging about how they are at the center of this great diversification project through Europe, Canada, Australia, and the USA.
    They are fair game too..remember were all GOYIUM ( cattle, donkeys, chaff, trash.) to jews.
    The same jews who want diversity every where but Israel……and with that Israel is the Most RACIST place on the planet PERIOD.

  2. Destroy them all!! If these world-dominating a-holes want to erase history (false history at that!), then lets all tear down the memorials to “slavery”, the “holohoax”, our false government, our false schools, our false religions, our false currency, et al. NOTHING we grew up believing is true…tear it all down and start anew!
    Remember, we are at war with Eurasia, war is peace, ignorance is strength!

  3. The jews do these things also to keep their clan tight. Keep up the “anti semitism” so jews fear outsiders and stay close. Just like how po-lice tell theirs their only friends are their fraternal brothers and everybody else wants to kill them.

  4. Nice!

    Although I get the feeling, this could be controlled opposition to make the Jews appear as the “victims” again, so no one suspects them. Hope I’m wrong.

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