Convoy to DC 2022: American Truckers to Form Convoy Protest From California to DC

Gateway Pundit – by Cassandra Fairbanks

American truckers are preparing to follow the lead of their Canadian counterparts and convoy protest from California to DC.

Facebook group for the anti-vaccine mandate protest has already amassed over 50,000 people.

Many American truckers joined in solidarity with the Canadians, who have formed a 45-mile-long convoy of up to 50,000 truckers heading to Ottawa to protest the government’s covid vaccine mandate for drivers who cross the US-Canada border.

“We are part of many large groups who believe in our founding fathers. We believe everyone has a voice. We support our freedom. Help us spread the word about this group and together we all can make it a better place.. God Bless America,” the group’s description reads.

“Just know that America is next. We’ve given y’all time, we’ve given y’all a heads up,” a man named Brian Von D said in a video posted to the group. “We’re done with the mandates. We’re done with the government telling us what to do.”

Many Canadians have also been posting their support for the American convoy in the group discussion.

“I represented while cheering on the truckers in Riverview, NB Canada yesterday! Everyone was very grateful of the US truckers who crossed to show support. Me and my American flag even made the news!” a supporter named Cathy Richardson wrote.

The group has not yet announced its start date.

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27 thoughts on “Convoy to DC 2022: American Truckers to Form Convoy Protest From California to DC

  1. Excellent!!! Now if we can just hunt down and arrest the traitors when they get there, we’ll be all set. If they just sit on their asses when they get there, then it will all be for nothing.

  2. As excited as I am, me being the pessimistic one, I always gotta worry and ask the question, “who is financing this operation”? Especially in Canada.

    Is it really the people or another globalist plot somehow?

    Stay vigilant.

    1. Good call to say stay vigilant NC.

      I think it’s healthy to always be suspicious, especially of “protests” because these have never got us anywhere in the past. In my opinion “protests” are mainly used to create a “hope” factor in the masses that makes them feel like something is being achieved because everyone is seen to be coming together & “doing” something. What is usually the end result though? We’ve seen it so many times in the past where the end result is a pathetic “compromise” where nothing is really achieved & everyone ends up agreeing that violence isn’t the answer & only peaceful negotiation will win the day. We all know that is BS & we all know what really NEEDS to be done & these latest protests probably won’t achieve that. At the moment it is just a BIGGER scale “protest” than we’ve seen before with more people hoping & believing that something bigger will be achieved. Just being realistic here based on every previous “protest” rather than being pessimistic.

      To add to that here’s what I just saw on another site. Take this as you will & maybe start digging in to find out more for yourselves as I have personally not verified anything yet but this doesn’t look great at all –

      More than 7 million dollars raised on the Freedom Convoy GoFundMe page. Most of this money will go to reimburse the protesters with gas. The fund is run by Tamara Lich who’s part of the Maverick Party. 6 out of the 14 member team of this party, Tamara included, has either been involved or is involved with the gas & oil industry. One of them being a director of gas producing company that has pledged allegiance to Agenda 2030. They are making big money out of this.

      One of the main organizers and spokesman of the Freedom Convoy 2022, is Benjamin Dichter, A homosexual Zionist jew

      As always, let’s see where this goes. Certainly jews will try to steer all this energy & use it to their advantage but the one thing that’s obvious is it’s A LOT of energy involved here & it “may” have momentum that cannot be steered in the direction they want if things go against them. Will people “wake up” enough to see what’s really going on & “who” is behind ALL the problematic BS? And if they do will they actually do what really needs to be done to rid the world of this BS forever? Or will they have the wool off their backs pulled over their eyes yet again? All the eternal questions are being asked yet again…

      1. Believe you me Ally I’m not naïve and know these things can get infiltrated. All I can say at least they are doing something.

      2. And there you have it. Always a Jew involved and the gas industry and 2030 agenda elites. It’s all starting to sound phishy.

        Also I don’t hear of any movement in the Eastern provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia and so on. Just like the Northeastern states of the US, those provinces are traditionally liberal and are happy with their Communist style welfare states. So trying to get people from there to gather along would be difficult.

  3. There’s always going to be agent provocateurs. They’re ever in waiting to infiltrate, co-opt, or disrupt any worthy cause fighting communism. I, for one won’t let them steal this and direct it into a nothing burger. My senses tell me that the majority involved in the convoy are sincere and truly want their lives back. Let’s hope they are not lead into a trap. The proof will be in the pudding, that is to say, let’s see what they come away with. As I understand it, the truckers are demanding an end to mandates and that Justin-Boy resigns. It is not impossible that they can achieve this. And true it’s really rare that protests get us anywhere, but once in a while they make a difference and if nothing else, draw attention to what needs to be FOUGHT. Boston Tea Party comes to mind.

    The convoys are starting to form every where, and the fact that the whole world is watching is no small thing. We’ve been losing for so long, it may be hard to recognize when we’re winning. For us in our country, eye is on the prize: The Bill of Rights. I do believe a lot of the truckers would fight for that. As for the detractors… it’s the frikkin’ media that paints them as us. The media, connected at the hip to the jewish banking cartel that wants to own the world. Sure, the whole system needs dismantling, but it has to start somewhere, even with traitors in our midsts; they’ll always be there. I say, TRUCK ON!! What do we have to lose when we’ve already lost so much?


      1. Thanks, Misty. My husband just came in to tell me about an interview he listened to where a speaker was saying something about how many people are worried or expressing concern in terms of how the media is twisting things. The speaker said, and I paraphrase:

        People, become the media!! You are now the media!! Anyone along the road, or standing on an overpass holding a camera, or in your vehicle witnessing something, you are now the press, the reporters. Bear witness. You are there on the scene. Tell everyone what you saw because they won’t hear it from anybody else.

        I felt a lot of power in that.


    1. You’ve said some good things there galen & I’m glad you added them to the conversation, thanks. The energy involved in this current thing is huge & I personally also agree that it has a lot of potential to at least get us on a track of where we need to go. The main battle as I see it, again just my personal opinion, is who is able to harness this energy & in which direction it is steered.

      Just one thought at this stage (and I’ll try not to ramble!). We are definitely seeing the jews firing on all fronts & using their media to the fullest right now. I’ve always said that as part of any successful battle strategy these days the media in all its forms should be the earliest target for acquisition & takeover – the rest of the war would then be FAR less strenuous as any “propaganda” being pumped out from then on would be of & for the people ie. TRUTH! At the very least the public would NOT be getting exposed to jewish media psychological mindfu*kery & the effects on the masses of this alone might be spectacular to behold!

      1. Sorry, for the sake of clarity I should’ve rounded this sentence as follows –

        “The main battle as I see it, again just my personal opinion, is who is able to harness this energy & in which direction it is steered or goes depending on the will of the people.”

  4. My question is, is this the elites new way of destroying the old order around the world in order to institute a new order?

    Remember what happened in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt a decade ago almost one after another? Gaddafi and Mubarak?

    This was how the elites did a regime change in their favor. It’s possible they are trying to do the same with Canada, US and even Brazil. There was even a media blackout going on there.

    I’m thinking they may be trying North American Union here.

    1. What we should never forget is that all the humans around us have been indoctrinated since birth like we were but very few of them have the abilities that people commenting here & elsewhere have to see A LOT MORE of the big picture. The majority have never really questioned anything let alone the assumed authority of those “in power”. I, and I’m sure most of you here, have at many times in my life felt like I was standing on the sidelines yelling warnings in a muffled voice at people actively allowing a trainwreck to come right over them.

  5. Seems to me this is going to end up another JAN 6TH!!! TERRORISTS against GOV.COM..BS!!! There Has to be more of this happenning and continually for there to be a huge effect!!!! And please give me a chance to be part of it!!!! They cannot stop a hundred million PISSED OFF AMERICAN NATIONALS!!! FCK YU

    1. Thanks, Katie and good point. Still listening but I could never accept anyone telling me what I will or will not say. He actually expects awake people to not discuss the jab or to not discuss and have opinions on politics?!! Also he doesn’t understand the value of hate, an emotion that life gave us to know/recognize what we must face and stop. And wasn’t he off a year on 1776 instead of 1775? Well, he’s going under the microscope, for sure.


      1. Still listening. Man, what a day. Hardly disengaged from all this at all. Gotta take a walk soon. But I’m replaying this and as I listen I’m getting madder and madder. Yes, I’m slow to trust. With me, trust is hard-earned, and this guy is using a lot of wrong words, like “citizens,” and “working as one,” and “collectively,” which he said many times. I know there will be some cooperation ahead for us, but this feels like it’s moving into a central control, with rules that interfere with INDIVIDUALISM. And like you said, Katie, how easily he dismisses what happened at Lexington/Concord. Again, violence is dismissed as a necessary option when NECESSARY. He says that now “the people are The New World Order.” Please don’t label me that way, buddy. Too many associations with conformity and communism. It’s kinda clear that he ain’t standin’ behind our Bill of Rights or he would promote how important its Articles are, especially its 2nd.

        So I guess now it’s all eyes on Canada. What will be achieved? At this point I can’t imagine free, sovereign individuals settling for anything less than real freedom and justice. Most Trenchers have their line in the sand and I don’t think this convoy thing is altering it much.

        Side note, we have our observations and our opinions. Sometimes we’re on the mark, sometimes off, but at least we’re trying to break it down and know our enemy. Is this mankind’s Sun Tzu moment? I’m gonna listen to the fkr again.


        1. Excellent comment galen! Those words were triggers for me also. And I figured you’d come back with an eloquent comment once you listened through more of the vid.

  6. I say AMEN Galen….we heading out to show our support when we get dates when they are starting!!! We have to stand or be trampled….again!!!!

  7. More Tuckers are standing up for medical freedom , than the doctors and nurses that swore an oath to protect it ….read that again

  8. I am observing with cautious optimisim and the awareness that the enemy always leads the opposition itself. It started out under the name of Canada Unity from Alberta. It grew big on facebook until their page was removed and they went into the background. They paved the way and in very short order, the Freedom Convoy 2022 emerged on social media, Masonic numbers, colours and logo hidden in plain sight. Based on what I have learned here at the Trenches, it looks like they are up to the same kinds of tricks they used to hijack the American uprising of 1775. They now control both sides of this movement. Out with the old, tired tyranny and in with the new, directing the money, the oil and gas, the power and the energy where they want it to go. At this point, it is all love as the truckers guard their terrain against Antifa, etc. Only time will tell what will happen to our Canadian Constitution and what will be done regarding the Government of Canada which operates under the corporate number assigned to it by the US Corporation, (fraud) especially if the Americans under the Bill of Rights are able to remove it. Will the Canadians drift further from freedom if the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is not restored, or as a last resort, embrace the supreme, superior law of We, the People, 1791? I guess it all depends on who or what the Canadian people really believe themselves to be.

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